Chapter 49

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Saturday 5th September 2020

"Mama" Lily said softly shaking her mom who was still fast asleep "mhm" Carina mumbled rubbing her eyes "I can't fall back asleep" the young blonde said "come here" the brunette said moving closer to Maya and letting her daughter in the bed next to them "you know you are my mama" Lily said tiredly climbing into the bed "I know bambina" Carina said "I am sorry I said what I said the other week mama I shouldn't have said it and I have felt bad about it ever since" the young blonde said "Lily baby I forgive you okay you were tired and upset with me it's okay" Carina said "I won't ever say it again I promise mama" Lily said burying her head further into her moms chest. "Try to go back to sleep bambina" Carina yawned reading the clock seeing 6am. "Okay mama" Lily said "good bambina" the brunette said pressing a kiss to her daughters head and allowing herself to fall back asleep with Lily wrapped in her arms.

Maya woke up at seven sleepily throwing her arm over Carina only to hit someones head "Ouch" Lily groaned "what" Maya asked popping her head up to see her daughter in her fiancés arms "Sorry baby I didn't know you were in the bed with us" Maya said "it's okay mommy" Lily said climbing over Carina and snuggling in-between the both of them. "Sorry baby you can go back to sleep" Maya said as Carina's eyes quickly opened due to an elbow in the ribcage "No it's okay" the burette said reaching over Lily and tucking a piece of blonde hair behind her fiancés ear "how are you so gorgeous in the mornings" Maya asked lacing there fingers together "Beauty rest" Carina said trying not to laugh "I hate you" Maya said playfully rolling her eyes "You love me" Carina corrected pressing a quick kiss to her fiancés lips before walking off to the bathroom.

"You picked up the keys yesterday right" Carina asked when she walked out of the bathroom "Yes everything is packed here so the team will be here in oh 30 minutes and then we can start moving" Maya said "okay I am going to go and get us coffee and little one here some breakfast before they get here seeming our kitchen is all packed" the brunette said "Perfect I am going to start packing my car with some things" Maya said "okay I will be back I love you" Carina said before walking out of the bedroom and off to grab some things for breakfast.


"Nineteen is here" Miller said pulling up in a moving truck "You bought a truck" Maya said laughing "Yeah less trips with this" Jack added "okay let's do this" the blonde said nineteen quick to follow her up stairs. "Where should we start" Travis asked "Okay Carina and I will do our room, Trav and Emmet can you do Lily's and then Jack and Dean can you do the lounge kitchen please" Maya asked followed by everyone agreeing "Where is Carina" Travis asked "She went to get coffee" Maya replied.

"bambina can you come to the car to help me please" Maya read the text immediately going down stairs as her fiancee pulled into her car spot "You got coffee for everyone" The blonde asked looking at the man cups of coffee "Mhm least we can do" Carina replied "Hi sorry we are late" Vic said appearing infront of the two women Ripley by her side "Chief" Maya said "Lucas when we are off duty" The blonde said "You didn't have to do this I'm sure you are busy" Carina said "Oh well Vic said she was coming so I thought why not come and help" Lucas said "Okay well since you called me Vic I did get the both of you a coffee" Carina said handing them 2 coffees off the cup tray.

"Lily's room is almost done we just have to take the bed down" Travis said walking out wth the last few boxes "I got everyone coffee on the bench your names are on the lids" Carina said placing the trays down on the bench "Where is Lily" Carina asked "I'm actually not sure" Maya said looking around the room "Here mama" Lily said walking from her room "I got you some breakfast and a hot chocolate eat please" Carina said "Where should I sit" Lily asked looking around where there was currently no table "Just eat on the couch baby" the brunette said "The couch is cream" Maya said "she isn't going to dirty it Maya just take a breath" the Italian said laughing.

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