Chapter 51

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Monday 7th September 2021

"I need a shower and a whole pot of coffee" Vic said as she got out of the engine "Same" Travis said nodding his head "Amazing work nineteen get yourselves cleaned up" Maya said before walking off to her office to start her report on the call. "I said I don't want to talk right now" the blonde said when the brunette walked into her office "Maya" Carina said "Say something other then my name god dammit" The blonde said "I'm sorry okay I am sorry I didn't listen to Travis and I am sorry I didn't listen to you and that you had to come in after me and we both almost died I am sorry" Carina said "You're sorry" Maya scoffed "We almost died Carina actually almost died and all you have to say is that you are sorry" the blonde said.

"I could loose my job for leaving my post to come and get you" Maya scoffed "You didn't have to come inside" Carina shot back "And let you continue to almost get yourself killed" Maya replied "You made the decision to come inside not me you so don't put that on me" the brunette said raising her voice slightly "I wouldn't have had to come in and risk everything if you just did as you were told" Maya said matching the volume of voice Carina was speaking in "did as I was told" the brunette chuckled "You are not the boss of me anymore Maya" Carina added "Today I was I was in charge not you and you didn't listen to me or respect me and you almost got yourself me and about 6 others killed in the process" the blonde said standing up from her chair and moving to be in front of her fiancée.

"No one died" Carina screamed "Out" Maya said pointing to the door "Are you serious" the brunette asked "Just go home please take a shower have a glass of wine calm down and I'll see you at home okay" Maya said pressing a kiss to her fiancée's cheek with ensured the brunette they were going to be okay "I love you but go home now" Maya said "I love you too" was the last thing Carina said before walking out of the blondes office and down the stairs passing Ripley on his way towards Maya's office.

"Carina" Travis said "What" the Italian asked "You were stupid today" the captain said "so I've heard 100 times already" Carina breathed out "Go home because all that shouting in Maya's office doesn't need to be heard by nineteen okay" Travis said "Mhm" Carina hummed before leaving through the station door.


"Chief" Maya said as Ripley walked into her office "You went inside that building" Ripley said "I did" Maya agreed "You went inside a hospital on fire and left a probie in charge of incident command" Lucas said becoming angrier every time he spoke "I didn't leave a probie in charge I left a former battalion chief in charge he knew what he was doing and I did it to save my fiancée" Maya said. "You are the chief there was 6 stations at that call you should not have gone inside" Ripley shot back "If it was Hughes you would of gone in and Sullivan did the same thing at the storage locker a few years ago he left me just a captain of 3 months in charge to run in and save his wife" Maya said "It's been a hard day go home get some rest I'll see you here tomorrow for a meeting okay" Lucas said before leaving the blonde alone in her office more annoyed then before.

"Mom can you watch Lily tonight please" Maya asked once her mom answered the phone "Everything okay" the older Bishop asked "Yeah everything is okay I just had a rough day at work and I don't want to take it out on my perfect little girl" the blonde said "No worriers hunny I'll drop her to school in the morning" Katherine said before hanging up on her daughter allowing Maya to sink into her chair and sigh rather loudly.

"Maya" Andy said knocking on the blondes door "Come in" Maya said still sunk in her chair staring up at the ceiling "You okay" Andy asked "Mhm take a guess" the blonde said "Robert told me what happened" the brunette said sitting in the chair across from her bestfriend "You are here to what tell me I was stupid for running in and leaving your husband in charge" Maya asked "No what are you talking about I am here to tell you to not ruin the best relationship you have ever had over this she made a mistake she didn't think what happened would actually happen" Andy said "Don't look at me like that" the brunette said when Maya gave her a confused look "I know you yelled at her because the whole station heard it and Robert told me so just calm down and go home to your fiancée and hear her out" Andy said "hear her out" the blonde scoffed.

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