Chapter 18

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Monday 24th February 2020

"You sure you're ready to go back to work" Carina asked as the two of them got ready for work "I'm sure it has been 2 weeks everything is sorted out I need to work" Maya said as she did the button on her pants up "Okay and Lily is ready for school do you want me to throw together a quick breakfast" Carina asked "Coffee" Maya asked "Of course" Carina answered "That would be great can you just check Lily is dressed whilst I finish getting ready" Maya asked "of course" Carina said giving her umm well she isn't exactly sure what to call her a quick kiss.

"Lily bambina you ready for school" Carina asked opening the younger blonde's bedroom door "Oh what's wrong" Carina asked when she saw her huddled up in tears "I miss my daddy" She spat out through sobs "Oh I know you do" Carina said going and sitting down next to the youngest Bishop. "Mommy is always so sad so I don't want to cry infront of her cause she will just get more sad" Lily said "Bambina you are allowed to talk to you mommy about anything and you can cry to her it's okay" Carina said rubbing the younger girls arm.

"Thankyou Carina" Lily said finally showing her smile that hasn't appeared on her face the past 3 weeks "You're welcome... Now do you want to come for some breakfast" The brunette asked "Yes please" She said standing up and following Carina to the kitchen. "Do you live here as well" Lily asked as she sat at the bench waiting for Carina to give her something to eat "No bambina I don't" Carina answered "You have been staying here but" The blonde said "Yes just to make sure you and your mommy are okay" Carina answered.

"Is that okay" Carina asked earning a nod from the blonde "Are you mommy's girlfriend" Lily asked a pure look of shock washing over Carina's face as she froze not quite sure what to say "You ready for school baby" Maya said walking into a very awkward encounter in the kitchen. "What" Maya asked when she saw the look on the brunette's face "Nothing" Carina said with a small smile handing the blonde a cup of coffee. "Mommy" Lily said "Yes baby" Maya said "Is Carina your girlfriend" The youngest bishop asked "Oh um no she isn't" Maya said "Why" Lily asked "Enough questions let's get you to school" Maya said trying to change the subject "Do you love her" Lily asked as the 3 of them walked out the front door "I do" Maya said.

"Chief" Andy said as she walked into her office "Captain" Maya said "You need to talk to the team" Andy said "About" Maya asked "Everyone is very confused as to why you had 2 and a bit weeks off for the death of a rescue and why you had his child, you need to tell them what is going on" Andy said "Okay get everyone in the barn please and I will come down" the blonde said to her best friend.

"Nineteen" Maya shouted as she walked into the barn to see everyone lined up in 2 lines "Chief" Everyone replied "Okay as everyone knows I have been off the past 2 and a bit weeks and I just want to clear everything up" The blonde started "The young girl I was with at the scene and at the hospital with is my daughter and the guy Michael Zane that Carina and Ben rescued is her father" Maya said watching shocked faces all around the room. "I don't want any questions right now about it all but once I am ready to share it will you all I promise to answer all your questions" Maya said.

"Also inspection is in 4 days I won't be at nineteen for the next few days whilst you prepare so get everything organised the last thing I want is for my house to fail" She added "Back to work" she said before walking back to her office. "Maya" Carina said following the blonde "Yes" Maya said "You alright" The brunette asked "Yeah I'm good" Maya said "I want you to move in" Maya said as she shut her office door "I can't" Carina said "Why not" the blonde asked.

"It doesn't feel right" Carina said "What are you talking about" Maya asked "Just I feel like it is something that should of been discussed with her father but now we can't and I just wouldn't feel right doing it" Carina said "He already gave me his blessing" Maya said "What" Carina asked "After you and him met I saw him later to give Lily to him and he told me that he really likes you and he couldn't ask for a better person to be in his daughter's life" Maya said "I also asked him if he minded if I asked you to move in and he said that I should and that I should of done it ages ago and he wanted me to tell him everything once I asked you" Maya said "But then like 4 days later he died so I never got to tell him" Maya said fighting back the tears in her eyes.

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