My best friend's brother and my brother's best friend (2016) by Kw10icecream
My best friend's brother and my br...by Kw10icecream
Danielle Jordan has been in love with Eli her whole life, well at least as long as she can remember. There are only three problems: he is her best friend's brother, her...
  • fiction
  • friends
  • teenfiction
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Without You (Sequel (2018)) by Kw10icecream
Without You (Sequel (2018))by Kw10icecream
This is the much awaited sequel to My best friend's brother and my brother's best friend! Please read the first book if you haven't already done so! Last summer Danielle...
  • campbell
  • friend-zoned
  • brothersbestfriend
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As I Am [2] ~ Supernatural / Teen Wolf by that_one_writer_chik
As I Am [2] ~ Supernatural / Teen...by that_one_writer_chik
Dean coming back from hell should make life easier for Danielle, right? In a perfect world, maybe. But Danielle's​ world is far from perfect and Dean coming back brings...
  • kira
  • dean
  • sam
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Without You [1] ~ Supernatural / Teen Wolf by that_one_writer_chik
Without You [1] ~ Supernatural / T...by that_one_writer_chik
No hunters life is every easy, especially when you're a Winchester. But now, Danielle has to face her most difficult challenge yet - life without her father. She goes to...
  • aiden
  • scott
  • family
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strayed // niall horan by nialluur
strayed // niall horanby danielaa
"you don't understand how it feels to let go of someone you really love for a while, just for them to be happy."
  • harry
  • tomlinson
  • liam
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•It's That•  by Tentacioned
•It's That• by Tentacioned
Follow the Gang on making their way out of highschool trying to become famous from their talents.
  • malu
  • malutrevejo
  • ybnnahmir
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The Black Panther ╱ ╱   ➼ Z.M by ToxIc5
The Black Panther ╱ ╱ ➼ Z.Mby sonafw
╰☆╮╰☆╮╰☆╮ #1 In Danielle #1 In Wrong #1 In Directioner #1 In Zayn "من يأتي بطريقة غير طبيعية لن يكون طبيعيا ابدا.. لكل شيء ثمنه سيد طوماس" ╰☆╮╰☆╮╰☆╮ لن اطيل ال...
  • revenge
  • blackpanther
  • romane
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Making love with a perfect stranger by EmmalineHarrison1
Making love with a perfect strangerby Emmaline Fadaini
CAN ONE NIGHT STAND REALLY CHANGE EVERYTHING. After the one night sex between Ezra and Emma,Emma left Hidden Towel leaving Ezra alone on the bed naked. She mo...
  • kirakosarin
  • contest
  • boss
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Catfish 3 | Kyle Kuzma by Danniduhh
Catfish 3 | Kyle Kuzmaby Danni.duhh
¤Book 3 of 3¤
  • kylekuzma
  • catfish
  • danielle
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Rogue by Force ∞ by IceSky_
Rogue by Force ∞by ♛
You should probably read Claimed by Force first or else you'll be confused. -------------------- Almost thirteen years have went by since the kidnapping. Heaven is still...
  • jake
  • trenton
  • mallor
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Daughter of The Flash by LauraHernandez260
Daughter of The Flashby aquamarine01
Everyone knows the story of how the Flash was born thanks to the Particle Accelerator being turned on. How he went through rough battles, lost loved ones, and shred tear...
  • jessielmartin
  • panabaker
  • daughterofflash
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Changlix Vs Chanlix by danielleteele
Changlix Vs Chanlixby felix boii
Chanlix the person I knew for my whole life Chan Or Changlix a person who keeps taking advantage of me changbin
  • yoongi
  • changlix
  • nct
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The Bad Boy And Famous Nerd✔ by tiff_wdw_dolan
The Bad Boy And Famous Nerd✔by Tiffany Dolan/Herron
*SLOWLY WRITING* When Danielle Roselle Evan, most famous 17 year old double threat singer and actress, decides to go undercover to expirence high school, she has so much...
  • danielle
  • famous
  • teenwolf
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The Perfect Storm (Sequel To Perfectly Incomplete) by FragileLittleFighter
The Perfect Storm (Sequel To Perfe...by Jay
Read Perfectly Incomplete to know what's going on. Well this is the sequel to Perfectly Incomplete. Dani has spent almost a year with Devin and Olivia. Her friends and g...
  • perfectlyincomplete
  • santana
  • strength
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The 5400 Chosen (Previously Asylum) by _samthewizard_
The 5400 Chosen (Previously Asylum)by SamTheWizard
In a futuristic world, 5400 kids are chosen to live a life underground. Their purpose of living is to save the human race. But maybe the human race didn't need saving. M...
  • populationcontrol
  • apocalypse
  • àsyro
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The Lies We Tell by Write_4ever_
The Lies We Tellby Write_4ever_
[WATTYS 2018 SHORTLISTED!] Four years after leaving her friends and disapproving family behind to pursue her music career, she is one of the most famous pop stars in th...
  • adc
  • love
  • problems
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GUNS & ROSES | 세븐틴by [ Kim ] berly
This is a tale of thirteen broken boys and a girl who heals. ❝Do you think you're the only one who are trying to save them? You're not the only one, Kim Danielle.❞ Kim...
  • kimdanielle
  • hoshi
  • the8
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My Beautiful Sunshine by queenbanski
My Beautiful Sunshineby Queen Banski
Meet Danielle Sobande. She's been off the radar for five years, fooling everyone that she was a Nigerian citizen. She's just waiting for the right time to come back. Mee...
  • lovetriangle
  • xzavier
  • mafia
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Only You || Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua Fan-Fic by AlyssaMarie12_
Only You || Danielle Cohn & Mikey...by ♥️Alyssa Marie 2♥️
Danielle Cohn is currently dating Mikey Tua, this is a story of their love. (Yeah, I suck at descriptions😂) - Message To All Haters: You know, don't even waste your ti...
  • love
  • mikeytua
  • tiktok
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Irreplaceable (Larry Story) by taninha2016
Irreplaceable (Larry Story)by crushforstyles
Como se mede o quanto amamos alguém? Danielle e Louis eram jovens e cheios de planos. Mas todos esses planos de um futuro juntos, foi por água abaixo quando ela descob...
  • boyxboy
  • harry
  • larry
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