Chapter 10

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Tuesday 24th December 2019

"Good morning Chief, I bought you a coffee" Carina said as she walked into the blondes office "thank you so much my god did I need this" Maya said as she took the coffee off her girlfriend and sighed once she took a sip "Do you have tomorrow off" Carina asked "I do yes" Maya confirmed "Do you" Maya asked "I do but I am on call" the brunette said. "So are we celebrating Christmas together" Carina asked "if you want to we can" Maya said "if I want to" Carina questioned "I usually am working so I don't really get to celebrate" the blonde said "well I would like to invite everyone over to my house if you don't mind" Carina said "Not at all whatever you want" Maya said. "Okay well do you want to come over tonight and we will celebrate just us in the morning and then have everyone around for lunch" Carina asked "Sounds good" Maya confirmed "Okay I have to go Captain Herrera is about to do a group work out" Carina said "Andy is back already" Maya asked "uh yeah her and Robert are good and she felt ready to come back" Carina said "She had one day off" Maya scoffed "I will talk to her later but for now I will come join in" Maya said standing up and rounding her desk "you are going to willing join in on a work out" Carina laughed "going to have to earn whatever it is you are cooking tomorrow" Maya said kissing Carina quickly before walking towards the barn hand in hand.

"Everyone ready" Andy yelled followed by a bunch of groans "Chief you joining us" Vic asked "Until Ripley gets here for our meeting" Maya said as she took a spot behind Carina. "20 squats then you will grab the hose in front of you and run it down the other end where you will do 20 pushups and then pick up the hose again and run it back" Andy explained "For you Doctors over there you will be running 3 first aid kits and a defibrillator" Herrera said to Delcua and Warren.

"Ready.. 3...2...1 and GO" Andy shouted and with that everyone started there squats, "Maya was first to finish then grabbed her hose and ran it to the other side of the barn quick to get to the floor and pump out her push ups before grabbing the hose and running back to the other side "Nineteen pick up the pace, the battalion chief is beating you and she does paper work all day let's move" Andy yelled. "That was hot" Carina said as she appeared back in front of the blonde starting her squats again "no this is hot" Maya said gesturing to her girlfriend doing squats in front of her "eyes up chief wouldn't want anyone to see you" Carina said laughing before running back to the other side.

"Grab a partner, 50 sit ups" Andy said "Partner with me bambina" Carina said walking over to Maya "of course" the blonde said. "Winners get the day off being on call tomorrow" Andy said "mhm we need that" Carina said "I'm the boss I already get the day off" Maya said "but I will have to come in if they need me" Carina said "best be quick then" Maya said.

"Dr Delcua and Chief Bishop win, congratulations you get an uninterrupted Christmas tomorrow" Andy said smiling at the two. "Before we start on Cardio push up competition "I'm going to sit this one out, give the others a chance to win" Maya said laughing "Chief bishop" Ripley said appearing in the barn "Ready to do this" he asked "yes sir we can go to my office" Maya said leading him to her office.

"You and Herrera need to promote another lieutenant" Ripley said as we sat in my office "Also you need to pick a probie to replace the missing person on the team" he added "Do you have anyone in mind for lieutenant" Maya asked "I think Sullivan has learnt his lesson and it is time for him to start climbing back up the ranks" Ripley said "absolutely not" Maya was quick to say "Why not" Ripley asked "I had a conversation with Sullivan  just yesterday discussing his behaviour towards Herrera" the blonde said "he isn't respecting her, he makes calls so much harder, he is always overstepping and continuously telling her and everyone else she isn't cut out for the job" Maya said "I didn't realise, do I need to have a conversation with him" Ripley asked "For now it's under control thank you sir" She said "No way am I promoting Sullivan, I would like to promote Montgomery but I'm not sure he will take the position" Maya said "Talk with Herrera and then Montgomery and let me know please" Ripley said before leaving the blondes office.

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