Chapter 6

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Saturday 17th August 2019

"Stop stop stop" Maya said as she pushed Carina's head back under the blankets "why" Carina asked "we have to go to work" Maya breathed out "mhm 2 more minutes" Carina said as she lifted Maya's legs and hooked them over her shoulders "oh fuck Carina" Maya moaned as the brunettes tongue ran through her folds.

"We have to get going now for real" Carina said as she came out from under the blankets and gave the blonde a kiss "mhm we do" Maya confirmed "okay I need to borrow something to wear because I didn't expect to stay here the night" Carina said "I'll get you something" Maya said as she got up and walked towards her draws.

"Deluca how was the rest of your night" Andy asked as Carina walked into the beanery "it was very good, and yours" Carina asked "I don't think it was as good as yours" Vic said as she pointed to a slight hickey on the Italians neck which just caused the three of them to break into a fit of laughter. "Did Bishop spend the night with boy Deluca" Andy asked "yeah I think so we should ask her when she gets here" Vic said "Is that okay with you her sleeping with your brother or is it going to be awkward now" Andy asked "no it is fine" Carina said.

"Captain Bishop just the person we were talking about" Andy said as the blonde entered the beanery "how was your night with the other DeLuca" Vic asked "it was good" Maya said going to sit at the table with them "it was good that's all the information we get" Andy asked "uhh yeah" Maya said shifting her eyes to Carina then back to Andy "Carina doesn't care that you slept with her brother, do you Carina" Andy said "I don't care no, but I don't want to hear the details about the sex with him" Carina laughed as she stood up and walked out of the beanery.

"Ladder 19 , Engine 19 , Aid car 19 , PRT 19" the alarm went off and the three women ran out of the beanery joining the rest of the team in the barn "let's move 19" Maya shouted. "Miller and Hughes start on evac work your way from top to bottom" the Captain ordered "going now" Miller said as they ran off into the building "Montgomery and Gibson evac bottom to top" Maya said "on it" Gibson said as they ran off into the building "Herrera and Sullivan get the hoses connected and get water on that now" she shouted at the two "you got it Cap" Andy said "Warren and Carina start a triage over there get them into aid cars and to grey sloan as quick as you can" she said voice softer as she spoke to the two doctors "yes Cap" Carina said skipping over the fact Maya just called her by her first name.

"EVERYONE OUT OF THE BUILDING NOW IT IS COMING DOWN" the captain shouted over the radio "Copy Captain" they all said as they made there way out of the building and to fire trucks. "Somebody help me" somebody yelled out from just infront of the building but no one moved to go and save her "Captain she needs help" Carina said as she walked over to the blonde "we can't" Maya said "what do you mean your job is to help her go and help her" Carina said confused "I'll go then" Carina said as she grabbed a hat off the floor and bolted over to the women "DELCUA" Maya shouted "GET BACK HERE NOW" the captain ordered "Deluca it's not safe" Andy said but Carina kept running. "DELCUA I SWEAR GET BACK OVER HERE NOW" Maya shouted the building falling to the floor seconds later.

"Where is she" Maya asked "Can anyone see her" she added voice panicked "She's there" Miller said pointing to Carina who was walking away form the building with the girl over her shoulder "Warren can you take her please" Carina asked as she placed the girl on the gurney. "Get me O2 now" Maya yelled as she walked over to Carina and crouched down in front of her "You are an idiot you know that right" Maya said "I saved her life" Carina said huffing and puffing. "Okay deep breaths put this on" Maya said as she placed the mask of Carina's face.

"Good work today nineteen, get cleaned up and back to chores" Maya said as they jumped out of the engines "Deluca how are you feeling" she asked "I'm fine" Carina responded "good, you're on desk duty for a week" the captain said before turning around and walking towards her office. "Are you serious" Carina asked as she followed the blonde through reception "I am take a look here this is your home for the next 7 days" Maya said gesturing to the front desk then walking into her office and slamming the door behind her.

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