Chapter 52

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Wednesday 8th September 2021

"Hey how did it go" Carina asked as the blonde walked through the front door "Not bad actually" Maya responded pressing a quick kiss to her fiancée's lips "What did he say" the brunette asked "He understands why I ran in and he is not punishing me for it because he would have done the same thing to save lives which is what I did, I am having a week off thought to get my head together" Maya said sitting down on the couch "A week off" the doctor asked confused "Mhm the brass wanted me to be suspended but Ripley convinced them to just let me have a week off on personal leave" Maya said "I'm sorry bambina I really am" Carina said "I know baby and so am I" Maya said "What for" the Italian asked confused "For saying it was your fault and for being angry with you" the blonde replied.

"It was my fault though" Carina said "You were just trying to save your patients life and I took my frustrations from the whole call out on you and I am sorry for that so I forgive you and I would like it if you could forgive me and then we can move on from it because I don't want to fight anymore" Maya said "Of course I forgive you" Carina said quick to straddle her fiancée's lap "I love you so much" the brunette added "I love you too" Maya replied reaching up and wrapping a hand around the brunettes neck and pulling her down towards her to press a kiss to her lips which was quick to turn hot and steamy lips moving at a bruising pace as there tongues clashed together.

"I have to go to work in 20 minutes bambina" Carina said pulling away "20 minutes is plenty of time" Maya cheekily replied "I thought you had the day off" Maya asked "I technically do but there is still a lot to clean up and I am the chief I should be helping" Carina said "I'll come and help you" Maya offered "You would do that" the brunette asked "Of course if I stay here for a whole week I am going to go crazy" Maya said "Okay we need to get ready then" Carina said standing up and holding her hand out for her fiancée to grab.

"Maya are you ready" Carina shouted from the kitchen where she was currently making them both coffee "Yes I am ready" Maya replied walking out of the bedroom into the kitchen wearing a pair of black scrunch leggings and her red sfd tank top "Wow" Carina said gesturing for the blonde to turn around causing Maya to laugh "I am serious turn around those tights make your ass look amazing" Carina said seriously "You are so annoying" Maya said laughing but was quick to turn around and give her fiancée what she wanted "Mhm" Carina hummed in approval walking towards the blonde and resting her hands on her waist "I love you" Carina said rubbing there noses together "I love you too" Maya said going there lips together "Okay we have to go" the brunette said pulling away from her fiancée and walking towards the front door "Do you want to go in one car" Carina asked "Yeah I will just use your car to go and get Lily and then come back and pick you up later" Maya offered "Sounds good bambina" the brunette confirmed.


"Holy shit" Maya said as she walked on the OR floor and looked at all the damage "Yeah not looking to good" Carina answered "not at all" the blonde replied turning around to look at the millions of dollars of damage "Okay so I have to go and approve about 100 people to come and clean this up and then I have to get people in to re paint so I will be in my office" Carina said "I have an idea" Maya said stopping her fiancée from walking any further "What's that" the brunette asked "I can save you money on people cleaning this up A shift from both 19 and 23 are off today I'll call them and ask them to come in and help out" the blonde said "You can't ask them to do that" Carina said "They don't have to agree but no harm in asking" Maya said pulling out her phone and making a few phone calls.

"Okay everyone is coming" Maya said walking back towards her fiancée "They are" the brunette asked shocked "they are everyone was more then happy to come and help out" the blonde confirmed "You are the best" Carina said "I know" Maya replied chuckling earning an eye roll from the brunette. "Lily is staying at my moms again tonight" Maya said as the two women started walking towards the Italians office "why" Carina asked confused "well Lily really wanted to stay with her Grandma again and I want to take you on a date" Maya said "A date" Carina asked "Mhm a date we haven't gone on a date in a long time and well I want to" the blonde said "Okay I am finishing up here around 5" Carina said "That's perfect you don't have to wear anything fancy just and causal" Maya said "Where are we going" Carina asked "It's a surprise" the blonde replied "Okay they are here I will go and meet them and start cleaning up I'll see you at 5" Maya said pressing a kiss to her fiancée's lips and dashing out her office door and back towards the OR's.

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