Chapter 30

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Tuesday 5th May 2020

"It's Lily's birthday soon and I haven't even gone shopping for her yet" Maya sighed as she flopped on the couch still in her work uniform waiting for her daughter to get home from her mom's hour "Okay first things first get off the couch in your dirty smokey sweaty uniform" Carina said grabbing her girlfriends hand and yanking her off the couch.

"Second of all it is still 11 days away you have plenty of time to go to the shops and buy her a few things" Carina said moving back to the kitchen "You know her birthday" Maya asked shocked "What of course I know her birthday" Carina said laughing "I already got her a little something from me but I'll come with you to get her a few more things" the brunette said "Wow you are so much better then me" Maya said "Mhm just more organised Bella you are an amazing parent" the brunette said kissing her girlfriend quickly.

"God is this how we always smell after a call" Carina asked blocking her nose "Oh hush don't act like it isn't sexy" Maya said "It most certainly isn't" the Italian said rolling her eyes only to be grabbed by Maya and thrown over the blondes shoulder "Maya put me down" Carina squealed as the blonde ran through the house and chucked the brunette on the bed crawling on top of her resting all her body weight on her girlfriend.

"You are literally crushing me bambina" Carina said trying to wiggling out from underneath the blonde "Okay okay" Maya said moving to just hover over Carina "See you in 20" Maya winked pressesing about 20 kisses to her girlfriends face before going to the bathroom to shower.


"Carina I'm home" Lily said walking through the front door "Hi bambina" Carina said opening her arms for the young girl to jump in "How was grandma's house" the brunette asked "Good we went to the water park" Lily said "You did huh" Carina said "Mhm and I saw Mason today" the young blonde said Carina pausing at that name knowing that Maya didn't even know if her brother was alive.

"Mason" Carina questioned "Mhm he looks just like mommy actually he was there with his wife and 2 children and grandma let me play with the other kids" Lily said "Oh that's great bambina do you want to go and put your stuff away I will go and find your mommy" Carina said putting on the fakest smile she could whilst she figured out a way to tell her girlfriend her daughter saw Mason today.

"Bambina" Carina said opening their bedroom door to see Maya sitting on the bed moisturising her legs "Yes" Maya asked "I have to tell you something" Carina said nervously "Okay" Maya said confused on her girlfriends tone of voice. "So today um..Lily..." Carina strutted out "Spit it out" Maya chuckled "Lily saw Mason today" Carina said quickly "my brother Mason" Maya asked confused "Yes" Carina said nodding her head "How do you know" the blonde asked standing up and pacing the room.

"Lily told me that they went to the waterpark today and they saw Mason" Carina said "Okay I need to call my mom" Maya said walking back towards her phone "Wait Maya there is more I just don't know if you want to hear it from me or you mom" Carina said "You please" Maya said. "He has a wife and 2 children" Carina said letting silence fill the room as Maya sat back down on the bed in pure shock.

"Oh um okay" Maya said nodding her head "Are you okay" Carina asked "uh well I just found out that my brother is in fact alive and married with two children so no not really" the blonde said "Okay call your mama I'll go and stay with Lily okay" Carina said "Okay thank you" Maya said watching at the brunette walked to the door leaving her alone.


"Maya darling everything okay" Katherine asked as she answer her daughters call "Uh yeah I just need to talk to you about something" Maya said "Okay" the older women said. "Lily told Carina that she saw Mason today is that true did you take my daughter to see my brother without telling me" Maya asked "No I didn't Lily was playing in the waterpark when she started talking to two kids and then I saw Mason walk over to them" Maya's mom started to explain "As soon as I saw him I walked over to him and he recognised me straight away, we started talking and he was very confused as to who the child belonged to I told him it was his niece and he almost had a heart attack at the fact you had a child" Kathrine said.

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