Chapter 33

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"I want to have another baby"

Thursday 14th May 2020

"Now" Carina asked turning in her girlfriends arms so they could be face to face "God no not yet but eventually I do" Maya said "Okay" Carina said "Okay" Maya questioned "I already told you that I would have kids because I don't want to live without you" the brunette said "Yeah but I thought you thought I only asked because of Lily" Maya said.

"When you first told me I assumed that is why you asked me but you already said you want one more baby so in a couple of years we can re visit the topic and start trying" Carina said "But are you only agreeing because it's what I want or because you want it as well" Maya asked "If I wasn't with you I probably never would of even thought about having a child but I am with you and Lily has really changed my opinion on wanting children" Carina said.

"One more then" Maya asked "One more" Carina confirmed "You know actually Lily asked me the other day if we were going to have another child" Maya said "Really and what did you say" Carina asked slipping out of bed and putting on a t shirt "I said I don't know we might" the blonde said "And then she asked does that mean if we have a baby that baby would have two moms" Maya added "She's jealous or something" Carina said climbing back into bed now covered up "Well I mean she has you she just hasn't realised it yet" Maya said.

Friday 15th May 2020

"Mommy" Lily whispered shaking her mother from her deep sleep "What's up" Maya sleepily asked "Can I come in the bed" The young blonde asked "Baby go to your bed, you're a big girl now" Maya said looking at the time reading 4am.

"Carina" Lily said shaking the brunette "Yes bambina" Carina sleepily replied "Can I come into the bed" the younger girl asked "Your mommy said no Bella" Carina said "Please" Lily asked flashing her puppy dog eyes "Okay okay" the Italian said moving backwards into Maya to make more room for Lily.

"I told her no" Maya whispered into her girlfriends ear "I can't say no to her" Carina said yawning and shutting her eyes "You can't contradict everything I say" The blonde said "Maya it is 4am in the morning I am not doing this now" Carina said, Maya instantly removing her arms from around her girlfriends torso "You're ridiculous" the Italian mumbled rolling her eyes and moving away from Maya further towards Lily.


"Carina" Maya said softly shaking her girlfriends arm "What" the Italian asked "Can you let go of Lily so she can get ready for school please" Maya asked "Yeah my bad" Carina said removing her arms from around the young girl who instantly woke up at the loss of contact "You have to go get ready for school baby" Maya said running and hand through her daughter's hair "Okay mommy" Lily said climbing out of there bed and walking towards her room.

"I won't be home tonight I have heaps of files to catch up on" Carina stated as she rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom "Okay" Maya said "What's your issue" the brunette asked " are my issue" Maya said "I did nothing wrong" the Italian said.

"You always do that" the blonde said "Do what" Carina asked "If I say no to Lily you always say yes and then I always look like the bad guy" Maya said "You are supposed to look like the bad guy Maya you are her mother" Carina said from where she stood in the bathroom "Back with that excuse again" Maya scoffed rolling her eyes as she undressed and walked into the bathroom.

"What are you doing" Carina asked "Showering" Maya said "You are overreacting" the Italian said "I'm overreacting yeah right" the blonde said "what do you want from me Maya" Carina asked "You lie to me for months about having a child, we break up and come back together, I say I want to be with you no matter what I am helping you to raise your child and everything I do isn't good enough" Carina said tears rushing to her eyes.

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