Chapter 11

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Tuesday 31st December 2019

"Carina we have to leave to get to this party" Maya yelled to her girlfriend form the kitchen "Yes.Yes let's go" Carina shouted back running out of her bedroom and towards the blonde "Wow you look amazing" Maya said "Thankyou bambina" the brunette said "Let's go uber is here" the blonde said holding her hand out to which the Carina happily took as they walked out of her apartment.

"Bishop, Delcua about time" Travis said as he opened the door "Sorry this one couldn't choose what to wear" Maya said pointing to her girlfriend "I'm sorry but we are here now" Carina said with a chuckle "Okay well drinks are in the fridge help yourself" he said opening the door and standing to the side for the two women to enter his house. "Well if it isn't the life of the party" Vic yelled out running to Carina and pulling her in for a hug, Carina , Travis and vic have gotten extremely close the past few months everyone refers to them as the power trio.

"Here Bambina" Carina said handing Maya 2 shots and a beer "Thankyou" Maya replied moving over so the brunette could sit next to her "Cheers" Carina said holding out a shot to the middle of the group everyone clinking them together them swallowing them a lot of scrunched up faces afterwards. "Carina come and dance with us" Travis shouted over the music holding his hand out for the brunette who looked at Maya received a small head nod.

"Wow Chief your girls got moves" Vic yelled to the blonde who was standing in the kitchen with Andy "I know she dances around all day at home" Maya replied with a smile, "What's going on with you and Robert" Maya asked "We are doing couples therapy to sort out our issues seems to be going okay" Andy replied "We have to stay seperate for a few more weeks so are you okay with me staying at your place" Andy asked "Of course stay as long as you need" Maya replied.

"Bambina come and dance" Carina yelled from on top of the coffee table "Bishop doesn't dance" Jack said laughing "She dances with me at home all the time she is actually a good dancer" Carina replied "No I am not drunk enough to dance" Maya said downing another 2 shots. "Why are you making yourself more drunk then you are going to have to dance" Andy said "In about 30 seconds Carina is going to get off that table walk over here and threaten me with something about no sex if I don't dance with her so.. a few shots should do the trick" Maya said taking two more shots with ease followed by a long sip of beer.

"Right on cue" Andy whispered as Carina approached them "Please bambina" she asked holding her hand out "No dancing" Maya said "When you are drunk and want to be all lovey with me later I'm going to remember this" Carina said turning on her heel and walking back towards Vic and Travis. "Aren't you going to follow her" Andy asked "No when she gets super drunk she gets super affectionate and won't be able to keep her hands off me" Maya replied picking up her drink and walking back to sit on the couch.

"I love you" Carina said leaning down to Maya's ear "I love you too" Maya said "Are you going to dance with me now" Carina pleaded holding her hand out for the blonde to take "I will dance with you later" The blonde said earning a playful eye roll from the brunette "Carina come do a shot" Vic yelled from the kitchen the brunette running over there shortly after.

"10...9...8...7...6...5" everyone started counting down until the new year "4...3...2.." everyone shouted just before they said one Carina leaned into Maya's side "I love you so much" she said "and I love you" Maya replied "Happy new year bambina" Carina said "Happy new year" Maya said grabbing Carina's face and pulling her into a long awaited New Years drunken kiss.

Monday 6th January 2020

"Captain Herrera what do we have" Maya asked as she arrived onto the 4 alarm apartment fire that now had 4 units their 2 more on the way. "Apartment fire, started on level 8 we have evacuated floor 10, 9 and 8. Miller, Gibson are working there way down from level 7 and Montgomery and Dixon are working there way up from 1" Andy said "I am taking over go with Hughes and start helping with evac" Bishop ordered.

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