Chapter 19

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Friday 28th February 2020

"Thankyou Nineteen" Chief Bishop said "very impressed I'll have the report sent to Captain Herrera by the end of next week" Maya said before getting ready to walk back to her office. "Shit" Maya mumbled as Lily's school started to call "Maya Bishop" She said walking into her office "Hi Maya, it's Nancy...Lily is feeling a little under the weather she has a temperature and a terrible cough, you are going to have to come and pick her up" Nancy said "Umm yeah I might have to send someone else to come and get her... Give me 5 minutes and I will call you back okay" Maya said to the teacher.

"Carina hey" Maya said as the brunette walked past her office towards the beanery "Hi bambina you okay" Carina asked following the blonde back into her office "Yeah are you finished now" The blonde asked "Yeah just finished I am going to go and finishing packing" The brunette said "Can you pick Lily up" Maya asked "From school" Carina questioned "Yeah she has a temp of 102, and a cough her teacher said she I struggling to breath a little" Maya said "I have to go and do the inspection at 23 otherwise I would, if you can't I can ask Andy" Maya said "No no I'll go it's fine do you want me to take her to the doctor's as well or" Carina asked "Your a doctor Carina just do what you think you have to do" Maya responded. "Okay see you when you get home" Carina said pressing a quick kiss to her girlfriends lips.

"Hi I'm Dr Carina Deluca, here to pick up Lily Bishop" Carina said to the school receptionist "Oh perfect I'm Nancy I called Maya, come this way she is lying in sick bay" Nancy said leading me through the room. "Hi Bambina" Carina said when she saw the blonde laying down on the bed "Hi Carina" She said her voice hoarse "Come on" Carina said reaching her hand out for the blonde to shake her head no "Where's mommy" Lily asked "She is going to meet us at home" Carina said.

"Okay bambina do you want to have a bath" Carina asked "To tired" Lily said "Okay how about you go lay down on the couch and I'll make you some soup and get you some medication to take" Carina asked the youngest Bishop nodding her head eagerly "When is mommy coming home" Lily asked "She should be home within the hour" Carina said. "Open wide" The brunette said holding the thermometer in the young girls mouth "Shit" Carina mumbled "102" the brunette said "Okay bambina here I need you to take this Panadol and drink all this water for me okay" Carina said pulling the syringe with the Panadol out and putting it into Lily's mouth.

"Yuck" Lily said "Here drink the water" Carina said handing her a barbie water bottle "Try to sleep I am going to make your soup okay" Carina said running her hand through the young blondes hair "Okay" she sleepily replied. "Maya" Carina said as the blonde answered her phone "Everything okay Carina I'm in the middle of inspection" Maya replied "Her temp is at 102, that is way to high" Carina said "Shit okay" The blonde said "I just gave her some Panadol and water, I think I'll re check it in 30 minutes if it still hasn't dropped I'm taking her to emergency" Carina said "Yeah okay I will be done in 30 minutes so call me back and let me know" Maya said "I love you" The blonde said "you too".

"Hi" Carina said as the small girl opened her eyes "You want to eat some soup" the brunette asked "No" the blonde replied "just a little bit please" Carina asked "Okay" Lily replied taking a few spoon fulls of soup. "I need to re check your temperature" the brunette said putting the thermometer back in the young girls mouth. "Okay it is 103 bambina, is it hard to breath" Carina asked "Yes" she said "okay wait right here I am going to call your mommy" Carina said.

"Maya... her temp is 103, she is struggling to breathe and she is breathing really quickly" Carina said quickly "Carina take a breath" Maya said "No Maya you take a breath, she has croup" Carina said "You don't know that" Maya said "I'm a doctor I know she a croup, she needs a nebuliser and fluids" the brunette said "Okay do you want to take her to the hospital and I will meet you there" Maya asked "Yeah okay be there in 10" Carina said.

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