Chapter 32

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Friday 8th May 2020

"Morning" Maya said as Carina walked through the door after a long night at the hospital "Good Morning bambina" Carina replied giving her girlfriend a quick kiss "I'm sorry about Wednesday and me being in a mood" the brunette said "It's fine baby I understand" Maya said lovingly "I just had cramps and the way that kid spoke to Lily made me angry so I just wanted you to know that I am sorry and I didn't mean to be such a bitch" Carina said "It's okay you are allowed to be moody once a month and demand me around to get you ice cream and pills and heat packs whilst you are in pain okay" The blonde said.

"What's wrong" Maya asked as the brunette shut her eye's and scrunched her face "Nothing it's okay I'm just tired" Carina said "It's your leg" Maya asked knowing the Italian was down playing the pain "It's a little sore this morning I sat down all night and forgot to stretch I'm fine though" Carina said "Should you be getting it checked" the blonde asked "No it's fine if it is still hurting after I do some exercises I'll go I promise" the brunette said "Okay promise" Maya said "Promise" Carina confirmed.

"I am going to work I'll see you tomorrow" Maya said "Have a good shift Bella I love you" Carina replied "Oh can you pick up Lily and watch her tonight" the blonde asked "Or should I ask my mom" the blonde added "no no it's okay I can watch her" Carina said "Okay I love you see you later" Maya said pressing a quick kiss to her girlfriends lips before leaving for work.


"Carina are you okay" Lily asked as the brunette dropped a plate on the ground and held onto the kitchen counter for dear life "Yeah I'm okay just slipped out of my hands don't come in here there is glass" Carina said grabbing the dust pan and cleaning it up before running over it with the vacuum. "Is your leg still hurting you" Lily asked sweetly as the brunette joined her on the couch "Sometimes but I'm going to be okay" Carina said "Shouldn't you be going to the hospital" the young blonde asked.

"I'm a doctor bambina I will be okay" Carina said "Doctors make the worse patients" Lily mumbled "You aren't the doctor you need though are you" Lily said "What do you mean" Carina asked "You need a doctor that works with nerves and you don't do that so you should go and see one that can help you" Lily said "okay I will tomorrow when I am at work I'll get the doctor to check it out okay" Carina said trying to change the conversation "promise" Lily asked "Yes yeah I promise" the brunette said.

Thursday 14th May 2020

"Why are you so nervous" Carina asked as the blonde paced their bedroom "I'm not" Maya said "Bambina you can't even stand still" the Italian said "Okay I don't know why I'm so nervous it's going to be fine right" the blonde asked "Yes it's going to be fine" Carina said "Okay we should go" Maya said.

"Mommy where are we going" Lily asked from the back seat "Do you remember Mason from the water park" Maya asked "Yes" Lily said "We are going to his house and you can play with his children again" the blonde said "Who is he" Lily asked Maya freaking out and looking to Carina. "He is a friend of your Mom's Bella" the brunette said "Thanks" Maya said bouncing her leg up and down "Can you just relax please it's going to be fine" Carina whispered placing her hand on her girlfriends leg.

"Okay baby we are here" Maya announced as Carina pulled into the driveway of Mason's house "It's going to be fine" Carina said pressing a quick kiss to her girlfriends lips. The three of them made their way out of the car and up to the front door of Maya's brothers house "Here goes nothing" Maya said before bringing her hand up to the door and knocking.

"I'll get it" They heard a women's voice shout from inside 10 seconds later the door opening to reveal a heavily pregnant brunette women "Hi you must be Maya and Carina" The women said "I'm Maddie" the brunette said opening the door for the 3 to enter "Hello again Lily, Lucas and Ellie are playing in the toy room if you want to go and join them" Maddie said "Can I mommy" Lily asked "Of course baby" Maya said nodding her head.

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