Chapter 15

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Tuesday 21st January 2020

"Morning" Carina said as she rolled over to see the blonde staring up at the celling "Good morning" Maya replied "I um have to get to work" Maya said making a move to get out of the bed "Maya" Carina said "Yeah" Maya questioned "Are we okay" the brunette asked "We are fine, it was breakup sex and it was amazing but we can't do it again" Maya said "I know" Carina replied "God am I going to miss sex with you" Maya chuckled clipping her bra up and throwing a hoodie over her naked body "So am I" Carina said.

"Are you going to tell me what your mom was talking about last night" Carina asked following the blonde out of her room "I will" Maya said "Andy said I should talk to you there is something you aren't telling me" Carina said "it isn't really your business anymore because we aren't together" Maya said "wow okay" Carina scoffed. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to be so harsh" Maya said "But you did get out of my house" Carina said opening the front door for the blonde "Carina" Maya pleaded "Go Maya I'll see you at work" Carina said slamming the door.

"Captain" Maya said as she walked into Andy's office "Maya everything okay" Andy asked "Uh not really I did something" Maya admitted sitting down across from her bestfriend "What did you... oh my god you have sex with Carina" Andy said "How did you know that" Maya asked "your neck" Andy replied pulling up her phone camera to show the blonde. "I told you you shouldn't have sex" Andy said "I know but it was breakup sex and my god it was the best sex I have ever had" Maya said "She is the best sex I have ever had" the blonde corrected herself "Earth to Maya" Andy said chucking a pen at her bestfriend "Andy I think I made a mistake ending things with her" Maya admitted "Did you tell her yet" Andy asked "No" the blonde answered "Maya you need to tell her" Andy said "I know I do but I still don't know how she is going to hate me" Maya said groaning "You won't know until you try" Andy offered.

"We are going to Joe's tonight get you back out there" Andy said "No I'm not ready" Maya said "Yes you are we are going Vic and Travis will come with us and you are going to get laid by someone other then your ex" Andy said "Now get out I have paperwork to do" Andy said waving her bestfriend out of her office.

"Ahh sorry" Maya said as she crashed into someone on the way out of Andy's office "It's okay" Carina said lifting her head up "Oh it's you" the brunette said "You dropped your phone" Maya said bending over and picking it up tinder lighting up the screen "Find anyone good" Maya asked handing Carina's phone back to her "Uh no" Carina answered "Well don't swipe on her because I have already been there and it was definitely a waste of a night" Maya said smiling before walking up stairs to her office.

"Chief you came" Vic said as Maya walked into Joe's bar "I did" Maya said "let me buy you a drink" Vic said standing up and walking over to the bar "I can't believe you are making me do this" Maya groaned to her bestfriend "Once you are back out there it will be great I promise will be worth it" Andy said "You just need to find a rebound" the brunette added.

"Carina is here" Travis said walking back from the bathroom "Where" Maya asked "Over there" he said pointing over to a booth where Carina was sitting with a brunette "Do you want to go somewhere else" Andy asked "Uh no it's okay" Maya replied taking a long sip of her beer "I am going back to the bar anyone want another" Maya asked followed by a lot of head nods.

"Maya" Carina said coming up next to the blonde "uh hey" Maya said awkwardly "Who are you here with" Carina asked "Travis , Vic and Andy are over at that table" Maya said turning around and pointing to the group "I'm sorry about the other day at your place I didn't mean what I said" Maya said "yet you said it" Carina said. "Sorry I don't mean to interrupt but I think it's time we had that drink" Amelia said from behind them "Yeah for sure" Maya said with a smile trying not to act bothered by the look of disappointment on Carina's face. "I'll uh see you at work tomorrow" Maya offered "Yeah no worriers" Carina said walking back to her table.

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