Chapter 36

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Wednesday 27th May 2020

"Lily bambina what happened" Carina asked as she crouched down next to her daughter who was currently doing CPR on what looked like her teacher "She isn't breathing Mama" Lily tiredly replied "Okay it's okay I'm going to take over you now" Carina said moving to the other side to take over compressions "Okay good baby now stop and I'll resume them okay" The brunette said Lily removing her hands.

"Checking for a pulse" Carina said "No pulse continuing CPR" the Italian yelled "Okay Warren grab me the defibrillator and then radio Bishop and tell her to come and evacuate this room now please" Carina said "okay" Warren said hooking the teacher up to the defibrillator. "Lily baby I know this is scary but can you tell me how long you were doing compressions for" Carina asked lovingly "Since 10:30" Lily said "Okay was she complaining of chest pain or anything" the brunette asked knowing she needed to get as much information as possible.

"She clutched her chest as the alarm went off for us to evacuate we weren't sure what to do and then I remembered what mommy and daddy taught me if someone stops breathing so I just did that and I knew you or mommy would come and help me" the young blonde replied "Okay do you feel tired is it hard to breath" Carina asked as she continued pounding on the teachers chest "A little" Carina replied.

"Okay 23 is coming to evacuate the class" Warren said "I have to shock her now" Carina said "Okay let me try to block it" Ben said moving to sit next to lily and try to block it from the other kids. "Intubate her because she has been without oxygen for 5 minutes" Carina said "I blew into her mouth mama as well" Lily said "Okay good bambina you did so good now Mama and Ben are going to try and save her okay" Carina said.

"Okay Lily every time I tell you to squeeze the bag I need you to squeeze it and when I say clear you need to let go of it and remove your hands from her okay" Carina said "okay" Lily said taking the ambu bag from Ben. "Can you put and oxygen mask over Lily and start and IV please just get some fluids into her she did CPR for 6 minutes and she's little she will be exhausted" Carina said "Yeah of course" Ben said moving to his aid kit and grabbing everything he needed.

"Carina" Maya said as she walked in to see what was happening "Maya I need you to get these kids out of here now" Carina said "Okay" Maya said as her and Andy ushered the kids out of the class room and to station 23. "Andy take over the ambu bag please" Maya said when she saw her daughter. "You okay baby" the blonde asked rushing to her daughter's side. "Clear" Carina yelled shooting electricity through the teacher "Okay we have a pulse it's weak but it's there" the Italian said. "Let's get her to the PRT now" Ben said putting her onto the stretcher 23 bought and loading everything onto it.

"Why does Lily have this on" Maya asked gesturing to the oxygen mask and the IV bag connected to the chair "She did CPR on the teacher for 6 minutes" Carina said "She did" Maya asked "Mhm you good with her I have to go with Ben" the brunette said "Yeah go" Maya replied. "Lily baby you alright" Maya asked "tired mommy" the young blonde said "I bet come on let's get you out to the fresh air" Maya said swiftly picking her daughter up and taking her outside.


"Captain Herrera I need an update please" Principal Lee said approaching the captain "Fire is out search and rescue is completed we have one injured teacher" Andy said "Which teacher" the principal asked "I'm not sure her name but was in G block" Andy said "I'm sorry I have to go someone will give you an update as soon as they can" The captain said before running off to help nineteen.

"Oh my god" The principal said when she saw the teacher being wheeled out on the stretcher "Hey what happened to her" she asked running up to Carina and Ben "she had what we think was a heart attack, one of you students was doing CPR on her when we arrived so we were able to bring her back" Ben said "Can you contact her family I need to know if she has any heart disease in her family history" Carina asked.

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