Chapter 4

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"Carina" the blonde said "here you go ladies" Joe said as he handed them both there drinks "thanks" they both replied. "Forget I said anything Captain" the Italian said as she walked back over to the table.

"Who won" Vic asked "Bishop won" Carina said half smiling as the blonde appeared back at the table. "Who wants shots" Andy asked followed by everyone agreeing. As the night went on the group becoming smaller as some of them left leaving just Vic, Travis Maya and Carina at the table who continued to drink and laugh and talk. "I think we might call it a night" Travis said looking at Vic "agreed I need to sleep" Vic replied "Okay well get home safe I will see you both tomorrow" Maya said "bye guys" Carina said.

"Do you want to talk about earlier" Maya asked as they sat across from each other in the booth "do I want to talk about how I said I want to sleep with my boss" Carina said with a chuckle "not particularly no" she added "okay do you want to talk about something else" Maya asked, Carina just nodded her head slightly. "Why don't you ever take a compliment about your work" Maya asked "what do you mean" Carina asked "every time I say you did and amazing job, or hell of a save or even thank you for saving my life, you just say it's another day at the office" Maya explained "that's all it is" Carina said "no it's not Carina, it isn't just another day at the office you save lives for a living, you are quick on your feet, you never panic you never freeze you are amazing" Maya said shyly "Maya it is my job to do all of that, that is what I get paid for what kind of  surgeon would I be if I panicked or froze" Carina questioned "you've been hurt in the past haven't you" Maya said and the look on Carina's face confirmed everything Maya needed to know.

"My Papa um he has bipolar and is a little unstable sometimes, I was 12 years old when my mama and Andrea left to come live here In the states but I stayed with my Papa because he didn't want to be left childless and I didn't want my brother to have to carry the burden of my father with him" Carina explained as her and Maya walked through the streets of Seattle "When I got into Medical school my Papa was so proud of me, but when I chose OB as my specialty he was so disappointed in me and he reminded me everyday that I was a disgrace to our family name and that it isn't a real speciality and why would I choose delivering babies as a career" Carina said tears rolling down her cheeks. "it didn't matter to him how many babies and how many mothers I saved, every time I told him about an achievement of mine he would shut me down and tell me I was worthless" the brunette explained

"One night I was with my bestfriend we had just finished having a few drinks at this bar, when we were walking home this guy jumped out at us and robbed us for our bags and phones I gave mine straight over because that stuff can be replaced but my friend she wasn't going down without a flight" Carina said as she took a deep breath "he pulled out a gun and shot her in the chest grabbed her bag and ran, she fell to the ground and was bleeding out infront of me I did everything I knew how to do to save her life but it wasn't enough, by the time the paramedics got to us she was gone she lost more then half of her blood and wasn't breathing" Carina said tears still streaming down her face as her and Maya continued to walk home "it was after that, that nothing else mattered i didn't care what my dad said anymore I had to get away from Italy so I quit my job, broke up with my partner cut off communication with my dad and moved to London where I took a fellowship in trauma so I never had to be completely helpless if someone was dying in front of me again" Carina explained "Do you want to come in for a coffee" Maya asked as they arrived at the blondes house "that would be great actually" Carina said.

"I'm sorry if that was to much, but I feel so comfortable talking with you like I can say anything and not be judged or looked at like I'm a victim" the brunette explained "not to much, thank you for being so open about everything" Maya said handing the brunette a cup of coffee. "When I saw you lying on the floor unconscious I froze slightly, that was the only time I have ever frozen whilst working seeing you lying on the floor not knowing if you were going to make it out of that alive scared me" Carina said "oh Carina, it's okay, I am okay" Maya said as she placed her mug on the table and then grabbed the brunettes hands before pulling her in for a hug.

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