Chapter 38

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Friday 5th June 2020

"What do you mean you can't" Carina asked confused "Just wait one second" Maya said to her girlfriend then turning to her daughter and crouching down to her height "I want your blessing baby can I marry Carina" Maya asked "Uh excuse me I already got your daughters permission to ask you, I also got your moms and I asked your bother as well hell I even asked Andy so you don't need to do that" The brunette said Lily nodding her head excitedly.

"Oh did you really" Maya asked standing back up and walking over to her girlfriend "I'll ask again... Maya Bishop will you marry me" Carina asked "Yes yes yes of course I'll marry you" Maya said reaching down and pulling her now fiancé up smashing their lips together. "Put it on" Carina said slipping the ring on the blonde's finger "I love you" Carina said "I love you" Maya replied pulling her fiancé back in for a passionate kiss.

"You knew" Maya asked turning around to face her daughter "Mhm I let you win" Lily said "I love you baby" Maya said picking her daughter up and spinning her around "Your mommy and mama are getting married" Carina said excitedly. "You know I actually have a ring at home for you" Maya said "You do" Carina asked "I do Andy called me to tell me that I left it behind but I figured this holiday wouldn't be where I should propose so I didn't bring it but now I kind of wish I did bring the ring" The blonde said "You can put it on me when we get home" Carina said.

Tuesday 9th June 2020

"Come into the station with me" Maya asked as the two women got ready "Yeah are we going to tell everyone" Carina asked "We are and also Lily is going to my mom's tonight" the blonde said "Why" the brunette asked "We didn't get to celebrate our engagement because we were away with Lily so tonight we are" Maya said "Our engagement I love the sound of that" Carina said "Mhm I can't wait to call you my wife" the blonde said closing the gap between her and her fiancé.

"Callie called me earlier this morning they are going to do my surgery on Friday" Carina said as the two women drove into the station "This Friday" Maya asked "Yeah I'm scheduled for 12pm" the brunette said "okay perfect I'm off Friday so I can come to the hospital with you and I'll get my mom to pick up Lily and watch her" Maya offered "okay Bella" Carina said moving her hand and placing it on her fiancé's thigh.

"Well if it isn't Bishop and soon to be Bishop" Andy said as the two women entered the station "Soon to be Bishop" Carina questioned chuckling "I am not changing my name" Carina said "My bad anyways congratulations on the engagement" Andy said "Thank you" Maya said "Everyone is in the beanery if you want to let everyone know" the Captain offered.

"My office first" Maya said pulling her fiancé into her office "close your eyes" Maya said "What are you doing" The brunette asked closing her eyes "Open" the blonde said Carina opening her eyes to reveal a black velvet box and silver ring with a larger sized diamond in it "Oh my it's gorgeous" Carina gasped "Carina Delcua... will you marry me" Maya asked getting down on one knee "Oh my god really I can't believe this" Carina said "Oh shut up" the blonde replied slipping the ring onto Carina's finger and wrapping her arms around her.

"Chief...Deluca welcome back" Vic said as the two women entered the beanery "Thank you" Maya said her hand firmly holding her fiancé "We have an announcement to make" Carina said everyones heads instantly turning to the two women "We are getting married" Maya said both of them holding up there left hands showing off the rings "Oh my god" Travis exclaimed instantly running over to the two women everyone else offering their congratulations.


"How was work" Carina asked as the blonde slumped on the couch next to her "Get off the couch, you have been at work go and shower" Carina added pushing her girlfriend off the couch "it was boring actually not a single call I just did paper work all day" Maya said "Shower" Carina said "I'm going I'm going" the blonde said rolling her eyes.

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