Chapter 9

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"Okay we will end it okay, just promise us you won't tell anyone" Maya said "What" Carina questioned sending a glare to the blonde "Whatever this is" Maya said as she motioned between the two of them "we will end it, our jobs are more important" the Captain said sending an apologetic look to the brunette who had tears in her eyes.

"Just because Maya ended this doesn't mean I want to be with you Arizona" Carina said as she made a move to storm out of the captains office "Carina wait" Arizona said but the brunette just walked out of the office "You can leave now Arizona, you have done enough thank you" Maya said gesturing to the door for the blonde to leave.

"Come in" Chief Ripley said as someone knocked on his door "Captain Bishop, what do you need" He asked "I need to tell you something" Maya said "please sit" Ripley said pointing to the chair opposite him. "What is it" he said "I.. I um.. I slept with Carina..uh Dr Deluca" Maya stuttered out "I am sleeping with her" she quickly corrected her self. "I'm not sure the rules here about us being together, she isn't a fire fighter she is a doctor and yes I understand that she works for me but it isn't the same" Maya explained.

"Bishop I am going to stop you right there" Ripley said "are you just sleeping together or is it going to be a relationship" he asked "I think a relationship" Maya said. "Okay you know the rules about a Captain dating her staff it is not allowed, but that doesn't matter because you aren't the Captain on nineteen anymore" Ripley said.

"What do you mean I'm not the Captain anymore sir, I'm not going to loose my job over this, you married Hughes, Sullivan and Herrera got married and I said nothing about it" Maya got up angrily "what I have to Marry her to be allowed with her" Maya questioned "Bishop sit down please" he said and she quickly sat down her body filled with rage.

"You aren't the Captain on station nineteen anymore because I am promoting you to Battalion Chief" Ripley stated "So as she is a doctor not a firefighter she reports to her Captain no one else unless issues arise which I can deal with if they do, and you are no longer her Captain so you can date and it doesn't have to be in secret okay" Ripley explained "Uh thank you Sir" Maya said a massive grin on her face. "You are more then welcome to tell Station 19 that you are the new battalion chief, you also need to pick a new captain" He said "I would like to promote Herrera sir, she has earned this job , she was in line for this job before me and she is the best candidate for the job" Maya explained "if you think so then go ahead she is interim Captain for 2 weeks, then we will go over everything together and give her the role officially depending on how she goes" He said. "Oh and congratulations Maya" he smiled softly as the blonde left his office and ran all the way back to nineteen in hopes of finding Carina and Andy.

"Herrera my office now" Maya said as she walked into the station "what is going on" Andy asked "Now Herrera" Bishop said. "Andy I have some news" Maya said pointing to the chair for the brunette to sit down "what is it" Andy asked "I don't know how to say this so I am just going to say it" Maya said "You are no longer a lieutenant at station 19" Maya said.

"What do you mean, am I being transferred, demoted" Andy asked standing up and pacing the office "quite the opposite actually, you are now the Captain of station nineteen" Maya explained "WHAT" Andy yelled "what about you, I'm not taking your job Maya I can't do that" Andy said "yes you can because you are looking at your battalion chief" Maya said smiling "what are you really" Andy said "I am" Maya confirmed "oh my gosh, congratulations Cheif" Andy said running over to give her besfriend a hug "Congratulations Captain" Maya said.

"Also I am going to tell the station now but I am also going to tell them that Carina and I are together" Maya said "I told chief Ripley and he doesn't have an issues with it as Carina reports to her Captain and well you are her Captain now not me" Maya said "I am so proud of you" Andy said.

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