Chapter 13

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Monday 13th January 2020

"Nineteen barn now" Andy yelled from where she was standing in the middle of the barn "Uniform inspection" she said as she watched her team line up in two straight lines. "Where is Warren and Delcua" the captain asked her team "Sorry sorry we are here we had a meeting with Bishop and Ripley" Carina replied as her and Ben joined the rest of the team. "I have a few announcements" Andy said after she checked everyone's uniform "This is our new probie Emmet Dixon" the captain said as a young blonde man walked into the barn and joined the lineup.

"Hughes you are in charge of training him" Andy said earning a head nod from the firefighter "We also have a new lieutenant.. Lieutenant Travis Montgomery" Andy said followed by the whole team cheering "The PRT is back from suspension along with Deluca and Warren, we have more rules in place regarding the PRT but we will go through that all later, one more announcement Chief Bishop will be doing the annual inspection in 2 months time so we need to start preparing for that" Andy finished off.

"Okay chores, Gibson and Miller engine and ladder, Dixon floors , Hughes Beanery, Sullivan bathrooms and locker rooms, Montgomery aid car clean and stock, Deluca and Warren PRT clean and stock. "Delcua, Warren" Maya said appearing behind the two doctors "Chief what do you need" Ben asked whilst Carina just avoided her now ex girlfriend "Time to count stock" the blonde said "Can you do it Carina please" Ben asked earning a head nod from the brunette "Let's go" Carina said throwing her rag down and jumping out of the PRT.

"Do you have plans this weekend" Maya asked as they walked towards the cupboard with all the medications "Probably just lay in bed and catch up on some sleep how about you" Carina replied bluntly "There is a screening of Grease on and I know it is one of you favourites, do you want to go" the blonde asked "With you" Carina questioned "Yeah with me, it is showing on a big screen in the park and you have a picnic it looks very good" Maya said "Sounds like something you do on a date" Carina said. "I actually got us tickets when we were still together to surprise you but obviously that didn't work too well, You can just have the tickets and take someone else if you want" Maya said looking at the floor. "Ah no we can go together as friends I would really like for us to be able to get along" Carina said looking up at Maya for the first time "Perfect I'll pick you up at 6" Maya said leaning in to kiss the brunette before quickly realising what she just did "Sorry uh habit" Maya replied shyly "It's okay, Bad habits take a while to fix" Carina said making Maya's heart sink.

Wednesday 15th January 2020

"She literally said Bad habits take a while to fix" Maya scoffed to her bestfriend as they waited at the Bar to get another drink "Really she said that" Andy asked "What so me kissing her was a bad habit" Maya questioned then downed another shot of tequila "I don't think she meant it like that" Andy tried to reason with her. "Hi Andy, Maya how are you both" Carina asked as she appeared next to them at the bar "Good thank you" Andy replied whilst Maya sort of just ignored her. "Can I get another please Joe" Maya asked "Make it two please" A brunette girl said from behind Maya "I've got this round" she added touching Maya's arm and winking at her "Thankyou" Maya said turning around to look at her "Doctor Amelia Shepard" the girl said with a smile holding her hand out "Chief Maya Bishop" Maya replied shaking the Doctors hand.

"It hasn't even been a week" Carina scoffed as she watched Maya and Amelia flirt at the table across from her "It's Wednesday" Vic replied "what does the day have to do with anything" Carina questioned "Bishop treats herself to self care on Wednesday's usually in the form of a one night stand" Vic added "so it is really over between you" Travis asked "It is" Carina confirmed "How come what happen" he asked "She wants kids I don't want kids" she said "You ended it over hypothetical children" Travis asked "she ended it not me" Carina said.

"Do you know that girl" Amelia asked Maya pointing to Carina "Yeah I with her" Maya said "She keeps staring at you and giving me dirties" the brunette said "yeah she also happens to be my ex" Maya said taking a sip of her drink "recent then I'm guessing" Amelia asked "Friday" Maya confirmed. "Do you want to get out of here" Amelia asked "I can't, I'm sorry this has been really nice and you are really pretty and funny but I'm not ready to be with someone else I still love her" Maya said "I'm not asking you to marry me Maya just let me fuck you senseless" the doctor said laughing "I'm sorry I can't" Maya said "You ever heard that saying.. the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else" Amelia asked "I have" Maya said "When you are ready to be under someone else here is my number give me a call" the brunette said giving Maya a kiss on the cheek and walking off to her friends.

"White wine and a beer please Joe" Maya said as she waited at the bar "Thanks" she added as he handed her the drinks. "Here I got you a drink" Maya said handing Carina the glass of wine "I have a drink already thanks though" Carina said turning back to talk to Vic "Two drinks is better then one" Maya said pushing the glass of wine towards her ex. "Where is your sex friend gone Chief" Travis asked "She isn't my sex friend Trav, just a friend" Maya said "She was hot you should of gone for her" he said clearly drunk "Oh uh sorry Carina didn't know you were sitting there" He said "No it's fine I am heading home for the night anyways" Carina said picking up the glass of wine and walking towards Maya "Keep your apology drink" she whispered before saying goodbye to everyone and making her way out of the bar.

"Carina" Maya said following her ex out of the bar "What" Carina said turning on her heel to look at the blonde "I really am sorry" Maya said "I know you are" Carina replied "I love you" Maya said taking a few steps to get closer to the brunette "I know you do, but it isn't fair for you to say you love me when you broke up with me" Carina said "Will you still come with me on Saturday" Maya asked "Of course" Carina answered.

Also Mr Robert Sullivan can choke on a dick, Captain Maya Bishop is going to be fine she's happy with her wife and she is going to come back and if it's not as captain I will simply storm the joint xx

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