Chapter 34

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Friday 15th May 2020

"Bambina do you know what you want to do for your birthday tomorrow" Carina asked as she put 3 plates of food down on the dining room table "No" Lily said "You can think about it overnight and then let us know tomorrow" Maya said "Okay mommy" Lily replied happily eating her dinner.

"Thankyou for cooking" Maya said "It's okay I am a better cook anyways" Carina said "Hey I can cook" the blonde said "Uhh not as well as me" the Italian said "That's harsh" Maya said acting offended "Don't worry Bella you have a whole lot of other qualities" Carina said a cheeky smirk on her face. "I'm finished" Lily announced as she took her last bite of food "Go and have a shower baby and then we can watch a movie okay" Maya said "Okay mommy" the young blonde said before walking off towards her bedroom.

"Okay hypotheticals" Carina said as she picked up the three plates and took them into the kitchen "About" Maya asked following after her girlfriend "We decide we are ready to have a baby right" the Italian said "Right" Maya said "Do we do it before or after we get married" the Italian asked.

"After" Maya confirmed "Why" Carina asked "Because I want to be able to have a honeymoon with you that doesn't have a crying baby involved" the blonde said "Okay next question" Carina said "Who carriers the baby" the brunette asked "You" Maya said "Why me" Carina asked "I'm a firefighter Carina" the blonde said "I work in the field bending over picking up people and transporting them a lot of the time you just boss people around it would be more practical for you to carry the baby" the brunette said.

"Okay I could carry the hypothetical child" Maya said with a chuckle "Who's eggs" Maya asked "yours" Carina said "Why mine" Maya asked "Have you seen Lily she's why" Carina said "Fair enough, you don't want the child to be biologically yours" Maya asked "The baby being biologically mine doesn't mean shit" the Italian said "I mean Lily isn't biologically mine but I still think of her as my daughter" Carina added.

"You do" Maya asked "Of course I do" the brunette said "Is that not okay" Carina asked fearing she may have crossed a line "No No of course that's okay I just didn't know if you were there yet" Maya said "Since the day I met her" Carina confirmed.

"Have you thought more about the surgery" Maya asked "I don't want to have the surgery" Carina said "Bambina you need to have the surgery please" Maya begged "Maya I am a surgeon I am not supposed to be lying on a table getting cut open for something that might not work" the brunette said "But it could work" Maya said "50 percent chance of working" Carina said "50/50 are pretty good odds Carina" the blonde said "I am the doctor and the surgeon I am supposed to help people not be stuck in a bed healing from a surgery that could not work" Carina said frustration lacing her voice.

"You could loose function in your leg you know that right" Maya said "I know but the chances of that happening are low" Carina said "Lower then 50/50 shot with surgery" the blonde asked "Probably a 70 percent chance of me loosing leg function. "70 percent" Maya said "You could loose your ability to walk and run you work as a surgeon Carina you work on the PRT you have to walk and stand as apart of your daily activities" Maya said "You are saying you don't want the surgery because you don't want to rest and heal for a few weeks but what you are willing to loose function all together is that is" Maya asked angrily storming off into there bedroom.

"Bambina" Carina said walking after her girlfriend "No don't bambina me" Maya said holding her hand up "I would never intentionally belittle you baby but you are being stupid" Maya said "Dr Torres and Dr Shepherd are the best and they can do this and in a few weeks time you will be better" Maya said. "Okay" Carina said "Okay" Maya asked confused "I'll do it I will have the surgery" the Italian said "Yeah" the blonde asked "I love you" Carina said "I love you" Maya replied.

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