Chapter 23

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Friday 6th March 2020

"Shit" Carina said "I have to go I'm being paged um I'll call you later" Andrew said before hanging up the phone "Shit shit shit" Carina said slamming her hand down on the steering wheel "What" Maya asked "My papa is an asshole" The brunette said "I know I've met him" Maya said laughing "He is going to come here and try to guilt me into not doing this study and just belittle me and say that I'm a waste of space" Carina said.

"Carina it's okay" Maya said "No Maya it isn't he is manic he doesn't know that he is doing" Carina said "we will deal with it together baby it will be okay" Maya said reaching across and grabbing Carina's hand squeezing gently "he doesn't know" Carina said "Doesn't know what" Maya asked "About you, about Lily" Carina said pulling into the station and parking the car.

"You haven't told you father about us" Maya asked "No he doesn't believe in my sexuality and he definitely doesn't believe in me raising someone else's child" Carina admitted avoiding eye contact with her girlfriend "Oh okay" Maya said "It's not that I don't want everyone to know because I do, but my father isn't someone I want to bring into your life and I most definitely don't want him in Lily's life" Carina said.

"Are you mad" Carina asked "Quite the opposite actually" Maya said leaning in a pressing a quick peck to the brunette's lips "okay let's get this 24 hours done so I can cuddle with my family" Maya said "Your family" Carina asked widening her eyes "Yes you two are my family, other then nineteen and my mom you are all I have" Maya said "I love you" Carina said swooning in and kissing her girlfriend again "I love you more" Maya said.

"Chief" Andy said as soon as the blonde walked through the door "Captain" Maya said "We need to talk" Andy said "Can I please have my morning coffee before I do anything" Maya asked "Yeah I'll meet you in your office in 20" Andy said walking back into her office. "She was acting weird" Maya said to Carina "I don't know, sorry I wasn't paying any attention" Carina stated "She was" Maya said "Yeah okay I have to go see you for lunch" Carina asked "Yeah okay" Maya said watching her girlfriend run off upstairs.

"Chief can we talk please" Jack asked as Maya began walking up the stairs "Can I please have a cup of coffee before I get bombarded with 100 people wanting to talk to me" Maya said irritation written all over her face "I'm sorry Jack, can we meet in like an hour I have to talk to Captain Herrera first" Maya said "Yeah sure" Jack said walking back down the stairs.

"Chief" Hughes said as the blonde walked into the beanery "No" Maya said "No what" Vic asked confused "Let me have my coffee please" Maya said "I was just going to say good morning my bad" Vic said holding her hands up in defence "I'm sorry, everyone wants to talk to me and I'm very stressed at the moment" Maya said "It's okay" Vic said "You have a very hot Italian girlfriend that can help you with stress relievers you know" Hughes said chuckling "Yeah she is part of the reason for my stress" Maya said sighing "Oh what happened" Vic asked "Nothing sorry um see you around" Maya said grabbing her cup of coffee and walking to her office.


"Come in Herrea" Maya said as the Captain knocked on her door "Okay I don't know how to say this so I am just going to say it and then we can go from there" Andy said earning a questioning look from her best friend "Okay" Maya said "I'm pregnant" Andy said "Oh" Maya said "Yeah" Andy said.

"Congratulations" Maya questioned "Yeah we weren't trying" Andy said "Are you happy" the blonde asked "I am over the moon I want this I really do" Andy said. "How many weeks are you" Maya asked "10 weeks on Monday" Andy said "I didn't even take any notice that my period was late until like 2 weeks ago and then I took a test and I realised" Andy said.

"You are going to stay in your Captain position" Maya asked "Yes until I can't do it anymore" Andy said "And then I will go on 12 weeks maternity leave and then come back so you will probably have to fill my position for 16 weeks" Andy added "Don't worry about that yet that is a later problem" Maya said "okay" Andy said "So everyone is really leaving huh" Maya said "Everyone" Andy asked confused "Nevermind" the blonde said.

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