Chapter 31

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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Maya made her way from the fire across town back to nineteen feeling really good with how this morning went with her brother and that he wants to see her again and meet Carina and properly meet Lily it really warmed her heart.

"Hi Bella just wanted to check coffee went good" Carina texted "It went amazing actually I'll fill you in when you drop by the station later" Maya texted back as she parked the car at the station. "Chief" Andy said as the blonde walked into the station "yes" Maya said "Robert is at home really sick will you come to my OB appointment with me please" Andy asked "Yeah I can" Maya said "Leave Travis is charge, I just need to put this paper work in my office" Maya said "Not Jack" Andy asked "No Travis please" the blonde said.

"Can you believe I am already 18 weeks pregnant" Andy asked as the blonde drove them to hospital "No not really" Maya said "I actually cannot wait to meet my niece or nephew though" the blonde said "Wow for someone who doesn't like babies you are very excited maybe even more then me" the brunette said laughing.

"I saw my brother this morning" Maya said "What is he okay" Andy asked "Yes actually amazing even" Maya said "He owns a museum and a cafe and is married with two children" the blonde said "Oh wow that's so good I'm glad everything worked out for him" the Captain said "I'll fill you in on the whole thing later but for now lets go and see your baby" Maya said parking in the carpark and jumping out of the car.


"We are a little short staffed on Ob's today so Jo Wilson isn't available" The nurse said to Andy "Oh that's fine whoever is available is fine" Andy replied "Well Dr Carina Delcua is stepping in to help out so she should be out in a minute" The nurse said.

"Is that okay" Maya asked "she could probably swap with someone else if you aren't comfortable" The blonde said "Are you kidding I don't mind she is the best doctor I know though don't tell Warren that one" Andy said.

"Andy come in" Carina said holding her tablet in a pair of pink scrubs "Wow very cute scrubs" Maya said looking her girlfriend up and down "Hush you" Carina said laughing walking into the examination room with a pair of blue eyes permanently glued to her. "Where is Robert" Carina asked "At home sick" Andy said "Okay so you chose Maya why" the Italian asked "She is my bestfriend and I was at every single one of her appointments so I knew she wouldn't say no to me" Andy said.

"Okay do you want to know the sex" Carina asked "No" Andy replied "You do realise Carina is going to know for the next 22 weeks the sex of your baby" Maya said "That's okay you just can't tell Maya" Andy said "I promise" the doctor said. "Okay you know the drill but this is going to be cold okay" Carina said squeezing the gel onto Andy's bump then placing the ultrasound wand ontop of it.

"Okay baby looks really healthy, perfectly strong heart beat" Carina said "How many weeks did you say you were" Carina asked "I was 18 weeks on Monday" Andy said "Uh no this foetus is 24 weeks" Carina said  "24 weeks no I am 18 weeks" "I'm sorry Andy but you are 24 weeks" The Italian said "Jo must of got my dates wrong then" Andy said "She shouldn't have messed that up I will talk to her see what went wrong but your bubba is coming is 16 weeks" Carina said.


"Hey Dr Wilson" Carina said walking towards the OB "Yes" Jo replied "Dr Delcua" Carina said "Oh the one doing the study on the female brain" Jo asked "Si that's the one, I also am an OB and a trauma surgeon but I was helping in OB and I saw a patient Andy Herrera" Carina said "Yeah the Captain of nineteen" Jo said.

"According to her file she should be 18 weeks" Carina said "Yeah she had her 18 week scan today" Jo said "Yes I did the scan but that baby is 24 weeks" the Italian said "Are you sure" Jo asked "Yes I'm sure I was an OB for a long time all I did was look at scans of babies" Carina explained "You shouldn't have messed that up" Carina said "I know that I'm sorry I'll go over the scans and see what happened and I'll tell Bailey" Jo said.

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