Chapter 42

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Wednesday 1st July 2020

"Are you nervous" Maya asked as the brunette got ready for her first day as interim chief "Uhh not really no" Carina said as she desperately tried to find an outfit "How long are you going to search for an outfit" the blonde asked chuckling "Until I find the perfect thing to wear" Carina said chucking another shirt across the bedroom. "Let me" Maya said gripping her fiancés waist to get her to sit down and then walking over the the wardrobe "Okay these pants for sure make your ass pop" Maya said pulling out a pair of black work pants "This top is the perfect top it looks professional but also approachable and it looks sexy on you" The blonde said pulling out a white long sleeve work shirt"And these heels" Maya added grabbing a pair of black heels from the brunette's side of the wardrobe.

"Ahh what would I do without you" Carina asked staring to put on her clothing "Probably still be deciding that to wear for the next hour" Maya said laughing before leaving her fiancé to get dressed. "Okay how do I look" the brunette asked walking out now fully dressed "Perfect" Maya said eyes widening at the site in front of her "Here coffee" the blonde added handing the brunette a Tavel mug full of caffeinated goods "I love you" Carina said grabbing the mug and taking a sip "call me whenever you want okay have a good first day" Maya said standing on her tippy toes to press a kiss to the Italians lips "I'll see you later" Carina said grabbing her keys "I love you, you look so beautiful" Maya shouted from the doorway as her fiancé walked to the car "I love you more".


"Dr Deluca" Bailey said as the Italian walked into the chiefs office "Hi Chief" Carina said smiling warmly "You are chief now" Bailey said chuckling "You will always be Chief Miranda" Carina said "Okay well you shadowed me for a week you know what you are doing you have any questions I'll be around also Dr Webber or Dr Hunt any of them you can go to okay" the general surgeon said "Thankyou Bailey" Carina said watching the shorter women leave the office.

"Wow" Carina sighed looking around the office "Chief" Arizona said knocking on the office door "Oh Carina hi" Arizona said "Dr Robbins" Carina said moving around to the other side of the desk and sitting in her chair "You are taking over Bailey already" Arizona asked "From today" Carina said nodding her head "Okay well I guess I will see you around" Arizona asked "You will" Carina confirmed.

"Chief you are needed in the ER" Levi said barging into the brunette's office "Is that how you walk into someone's office" Carina asked standing up and laughing "No sorry ma'am" Levi said looking down at the ground "Am I 60 years old don't call me ma'am" The Italian said chuckling at how nervous the intern was "Sorry just you are needed" Schmitt said walking with the Chief down to the ER.

"Woah what is that screaming" Carina asked as the two approached the ER "That is what you have to deal with all the best" Levi said running away from the commotion "Dr Shepherd" Carina said walking over to the neurosurgeon and the male and female yelling at her "Dr Deluca" Amelia said "What's going on" the Italian asked "What's going on is she killed our son" The male said making everyones faces drop "Okay why don't we take this to my office" Carina said gesturing the way out of the ER "We want answers before we go anywhere" The mother of the boy yelled "I understand that and I promise I will get you answers okay but let's go to a more quite place and deal with all of this okay" the Italian offered "Okay" the father said.

"Go and get all of his tests and results everything you did on him I want results for, I want a report of what happened and a statement from everyone who was in that room" Carina said quietly to the neurosurgeon "you have 30 minutes to get it all together and get Schmitt to drop it to my office and then you need to wait in the green room no more surgeries no patients until this is sorted out understood" Carina asked "I didn't kill there son Chief he was already brain dead when he came in" Amelia said "Get the tests please" was the last thing Carina said before leading the mother and father of the young boy towards her office.

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