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be safe, bambina by justtocreateforfuns
be safe, bambinaby mal
what will happen as Maya goes into her first fire scene after being demoted?
Behind Closed Doors by bdelucabishop
Behind Closed Doorsby Rebecca (Becca)
Sometimes, the kids that are seemingly perfect are the ones that struggle the most. You never know what is going on in someone's head or at home so never judge before yo...
How It Began  by greysfanfic16
How It Began by Greyssfann123
What happens when a 16 year old walks into the ER hand in hand with a 4 yeard old
Personal Trainer by justanotherwriter234
Personal Trainerby justanotherwriter234
When Dr Bailey suggests Carina get a personal trainer to help with the new found stresses of her job - it isn't quite what she was expecting. Rude, arrogant, cocky - thr...
Under Her Wing by lovatic_f
Under Her Wingby faye 💕
A 13 year old actress is added to the set of station 19. She's great at playing her role but what happens when Danielle starts to see through her act.
Our girls (Marina) by MixerJesy
Our girls (Marina)by MixerJesy
Maya and Carina have finally decided to start a family. After a few unsuccessful attempts, they decide that foster care is their best option. Luna and Emma have been in...
stefanielle one shot by babyblanchett
stefanielle one shotby babyblanchett
The sex scene in 5x16 turns even sexier.. I've never written smut before so don't be mean to me xD
Playing with fire (Amelia Shepherd) by mill25x
Playing with fire (Amelia Shepherd)by M🦋
Mallie Cruz knew better than to play with fire, considering she was a firefighter at Station 19 and had seen enough bad endings to know better by now. But there was some...
The Accident by Musicgirl1120
The Accidentby Musicgirl1120
Engine 19 gets into an accident and Maya gets seriously injured. Will she be ok? Originally published on AO3.
Where Is Home? by bdelucabishop
Where Is Home?by Rebecca (Becca)
She didn't grow up with any love. When she went on an exchange program to Seattle, she didn't expect to receive so much love and support from her host family so, when it...
Safe With Me by greysfan200714
Safe With Meby Claire
9-year-old Mia gets a role on the TV show Station 19. Will she be comfortable enough to tell the truth about her life? Will she build trust in people?
Our babygirl (Marina) by MixerJesy
Our babygirl (Marina)by MixerJesy
"Mommy? 'ake up" said the little girl from the back seat of the car looking at her parents but neither of them seemed to be able to hear her "Daddy pwease...
You Deserve To Be Happy. by Salamandra003
You Deserve To Be Salamandra
This is how the story between Maya and Carina could continue after the episode where Maya cheats on Carina. (I'm italian, sorry for my english)
Maya and Carina's daughters by Annsley531
Maya and Carina's daughtersby Annsley531
What is it like for the daughters of Maya Bishop and Carina Deluca.
Little bishop  by littlebishop_2911
Little bishop by Morgan Myers
Macy is 16 in 10th grade and runs trick like her older sister Maya but trying to live up to her dad's expectations of her might end badly for everyone. Macy try's everyt...
The Struggles We Face (Book 1 in the Shine Bright Like a Diamond Series) by DharmaWinter
The Struggles We Face (Book 1 in Dharma Winter
Danielle 'Dani' Flanagan is a teen who's had a rough life. When she meets Travis Montgomery and the rest of the Station 19 gang will her life start to take a turn for th...
Left In The Dust  by sveride
Left In The Dust by Abby
Sofia Tanner was taken in by the Tanner family at the age of ten and her brother, Ryan Tanner is a Seattle Police Officer. One day Sofia Tanner gets a job at Station 19...
Station 19 Marina  by fanfictatorship3000
Station 19 Marina by Fanfictatorship3000
Marina endgame. Lots of smut and returning characters from Greys that left or died! Lexie and mark will be together, Arizona and Callie are friends of Carina and maya, a...