Chapter 3

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"Oh my god Maya" Carina said as she dropped down to her knees beside her captain "Miller go and get me that stretcher and have an aid car ready now" the doctor yelled "Maya... hey Maya" Carina said as she tried to wake up her captain. "MAYA WAKE UP NOW" she shouted holding her bosses face in her hands and with that Maya's eyes shot open "hey hey your going to be okay I've got you" Carina assured her "I need to to stay awake for me okay" Carina said as she placed a oxygen mask over Maya's face. Not even a minute later and they were in the aid car on there way to Grey Sloan Carina holding Maya's hand in her own stroking the hair out of her face "Car...ina..." she tried to get out "no no don't try to talk okay keep your mask on" Carina said as she readjusted the mask. "I've got you... okay you are going to be okay" Carina said "2 minutes out" Miller yelled from the drivers seat of the aid car. "Captain Maya Bishop 30 year old female, BP 110/75, GCS of 13, unconscious for 3 minutes after an explosion threw her to the floor, obvious lacerations and bruising to her lower chest and abdomen" Carina said as they rolled Maya through the emergency room "Trauma room 1, let's move" the doctor said "Page Shepherd and Pierce now" the man shouted.

"Andy you need to be in charge at the station please" Carina said through the phone "What is wrong with Bishop Deluca" Andy asked "She got thrown back when an explosion went off, Warren and Miller are on there way back to the station now, I am going to stay here with her" Carina explained "Is there anyone I should call" Carina asked "Uhh no.. no one we are her family" Andy said "keep us updated" Herrera said "I will bye Andy" Delcua said hanging up and walking back into the trauma room "Just a small concussion nothing to worry about here" Dr Shepherd said as she walked out of the room "All clear on my end" Dr Pierce said following Amelia out.

"She has some bleeding in her abdomen we are taking her up to surgery now" one of the doctors said "who is your Trauma surgeon" Carina asked "Meredith Grey is doing the Surgery" one of the interns said "no no she isn't she is a general surgeon and an amazing one but Bishop needs a trauma surgeon" Carina explained "Get me Dr Bailey now" Carina said to the intern before calling Warren "Deluca everything okay" He asked "yes...actually no not really I need you to get me privileges form your wife" she said "there isn't a trauma surgeon in here and I am the best in the field" she explained "okay I'll call her" he said hanging up and calling his wife.

"Miranda listen to me carefully" he explained "Ben I can't talk I need to go to the pit can this wait" she said "no it can't wait its about why you are going to the pit" he said "Captain Bishop has been injured and she needs surgery Dr Carina Deluca is with her and needs privileges to do Maya's surgery" he said "The Carina Deluca" she asked "yes give her privileges, she is the best in her field let her do this please Miranda" he said "I will speak to you later Ben" she said hanging up.

"Dr Delcua, a pleasure to meet you" Bailey said "Pleasure is all mine Dr Bailey" Carina replied "did Warren call you" the Italian asked "he did and you have privileges do what you have to but I am scrubbing in with you" Bailey said "that's not necessary" Carina replied "not to over look you or anything, it's not every day you get to meet the Carina Deluca" Bailey explained "Okay then Chief let's do this" Carina said as they rolled Maya into the elevator "Bishop we are taking you to surgery okay, you are going to be okay I've got you" Carina explained.

"Wow I think that was the fasted I have ever seen someone stop a bleed like that and laparoscopically, you are amazing" Bailey said as her and Carina scrubbed out "thank you so much, I am going to go and check on Bishop so nice to finally meet you and work with you" Carina said walking out of the scrub room "Delcua, if you ever are looking for something new give me a call" Bailey said as she handed over her contact card "I will keep it in mind thank you Dr Bailey" Carina said before walking off to Maya's room.

Saturday 20th July

Carina was fast asleep sitting on a chair leaning her head on Maya's bed, the blondes hand in her own. The brunette was woken up to slight movement next to her she quickly sat up and looked up at  Maya "Maya hey Maya can you hear me" Carina asked "why are you so loud" Maya replied opening her eyes "I'm sorry I'm so sorry" the Dr said "what happened" Maya asked "there was a second explosion and you were thrown to the floor, you were unconscious for about 3 minutes, you finally woke up after what felt like forever and we rushed you here with just a small concussions, however you did have some internal bleeding in your abdomen and you had to have surgery last night, which was smooth sailing no complications and we have just been waiting for you to wake up" Carina said explaining everything "Surgery oh my god, how long am I going to be bound to a bed or to the desk, I need to check with the Surgeon" Maya said starting to hyperventilate "hey hey your okay" Carina said "no... no..I'm not okay..I .uhh" Maya said in-between heavy breaths "okay okay Maya look at me come on deep breaths" Carina said taking Maya's face in her hands "breath in.... and out" Carina said taking some deep breaths with her "good good" Carina said.

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