Chapter 25

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Tuesday 31st March 2020

"Are you packed" Maya asked "Uh yeah I just have to grab the essentials in the morning" Carina replied "Okay" Maya said "What's wrong" the brunette asked "Nothing I'm good" the blonde said "You're about to cry" Carina said "Just ignore that" the blonde said "Maya" Carina said sitting next to the blonde. 

"Three months" Maya said "Huh" Carina asked "tomorrow you are leaving for three months and I'm petrified" the blonde admitted "Why" the brunette asked "Because I know I am going to see you like twice a month if I'm lucky and you are going to be busy with your study and I'm not going to see you at work" Maya said "I'm sorry this should be exciting for you not me making it all about me" The blonde added standing up and trying to walking away only to be pulled back down by Carina.

"Hey your feelings are valid" Carina said "What if you find someone else" Maya asked "What are you talking about" Carina asked confused "What if you find someone better then me and you fall in love with them and don't come back to me" the blonde said "Bambina I'm not going to fall in love with anyone else I am literally head over heels in love with you" Carina said "Okay" Maya said "Just okay" Carina asked "Just okay" Maya confirmed. 


"Carina" Lily said "Yes bambina" Carina said "Are you leaving tomorrow" the young blonde asked "I am" Carina said nodding her head "I'm going to miss you" Lily said "I'm going to miss you as well but you can sleep over in Mommy's and my bed tonight okay" the brunette said "Okay" Lily said. 

"Do you want to just order in for dinner" Maya asked wrapping her arms around the brunette "Yeah saves us from cooking" Carina said placing her hands on top of the blondes "I'm not letting you go for the next 18 hours" Maya said chuckling "I'm fine with that" Carina said turning around in her girlfriends arms and wrapping her arms around her shoulders. 

Maya, Carina and Lily spent the whole afternoon wrapped up in each others arms not loosing contact "I think we should go to bed it's late" Maya said "Mhm Lily is asleep on top of me" Carina said looking down at the sleeping child on her chest "Can you carry her to her room or do you want me to" Maya asked "I told her we would all sleep in our bed tonight" Carina said "Carina" Maya said "What" the brunette asked "We are supposed to be having us time before you leave" Maya said "We are having us time the three of us you and I can have adult time tomorrow whilst she is at school" Carina said "Okay that seems fair" Maya said standing up from the couch taking their glasses to the sink. 

"Are you both still going to take me to the airport" Carina asked Maya as they laid in bed as close as they could get to each other "yes of course" Maya said wrapping her arm even tighter around her girlfriends waist "if anyone flirts with you whilst I am away just know I will peg my shoe at them when I get home" the brunette said "Same goes for you" The blonde said back. 

"I love you" Carina said turning in her girlfriends arms to be face to face with her "I love you" Maya said back resting her forehead against Carina's. "I got you a gift" Carina said "You did" Maya asked "Mhm I'll give it to you in the morning" the brunette said "This t shirt you are wearing now that is for Lily the one you wear tomorrow I want it okay" the blonde said "Okay bambina" Carina replied. 

Wednesday 1st April 2020

"Good Morning" Maya whispered in her girlfriends ear before pressing kisses all over her face "Mhm am I going to miss waking up like this" Carina sighed wrapping her arms around the blonde and pulling her on top of her body. "I was thinking we could go out for breakfast" Maya offered "The three of us" Carina questioned "Yeah we will drop Lily at school after" The blonde said "Sounds good bambina" The brunette said. 

"Lily bambina" Carina whispered into the young blondes ear who was fast asleep next to her "Mhm" Lily mumbled opening her eyes "We are going to go out for breakfast so you need to shower and get ready earlier" Carina said "No school" the blonde said "You have to go to school baby" Maya said "No I want to spend the day with Carina" Lily said "I know baby but you can't miss school you will be home in time to take her to the airport with me" Maya said "Go get ready we will as well" the blonde added.

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