Chapter 35

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Sunday 17th May 2020

"Morning baby" Maya mumbled into her girlfriends ear as she started to stir next to her "Mhm Morning" Carina replied "You alright" Maya asked "Sore" the brunette replied "Sorry" Maya said "It's a good sore I promise" Carina assured her.

"Oh shit" Carina said as her girlfriend stood up to walk to the bathroom "What" Maya asked "Your back" Carina said "that's not good" Maya said laughing as she looked in the mirror at the many many deep scratch marks all over her back. "I'm sorry you just felt really good" Carina said sliding the blanket down her body Maya's eyes widening at the sight "Now that is not good" the blonde said.

"What" Carina asked confused walking towards the mirror to see purple blotches over her neck and down her whole chest and abdomen a few over her thighs "God how did you even give me this many" Carina asked confused running her fingers over the marks gasping at the sensitivity. "This is way worse" Carina said tilting her head up showing off a hand bruise around her throat.

"Oh my god" Maya gasped "I knew it was to hard I..I knew I should have stopped I'm so sorry baby" Maya said moving in front of her girlfriend "Hey it's okay I encouraged it" Carina said "No Carina people are going to think you are being abused" the blonde said moving to start pacing the bedroom. "Will you just take a breath please" Carina chuckled "No if people see that very clear hand mark around you neck they are going to think I choke you and I know i technically did choke you but it wasn't in a harmful way" the blonde said "Maya just breath bambina I have turtle necks and makeup I will just cover it for a few days and it will be fine okay" Carina assured her.


"I have to run into the station to grab something real quick" Maya said as the three women walked up the street 19 was on "Okay" Carina said "Mama" Lily said "Yes bambina" the brunette replied "Why are you wearing that jumper" the young blonde asked "I get very cold very easily" Carina said shrugging it off as nothing.

"Breath Maya" Carina said when she saw her girlfriend tense up in the corner of her eye "Okay do you want to just run up to the beanery I have to talk to Andy quickly" Maya said as they entered the station "Okay baby" Carina said giving her girlfriend a quick peck and then taking Lily up the stairs. "Come in" Andy called out as the blonde knocked on the door "Chief" Andy said "Andy" Maya said worry written all over her face "What's wrong is Lily okay, Carina okay" Andy asked "Yes yes they are fine just I need to talk to you" the blonde said.

"What's up" Andy said gesturing to the chair across form her the blonde opted for standing so she could pace the captain's office "Okay this is a lot of information but I'm worried and need your input okay" Maya said "Okay" Andy said voice laced with confusing. "Last night Carina and I had sex." the blonde said "Why do you need to announce that" Andy asked "We had really rough sex like next level okay and I wrapped my hand around her throat and squeezed hard like really hard because she likes that kind of shit right" Maya said Andy still confused why Maya was telling her this.

"I knew I had to much pressure on her neck and I was about to ease up but Carina put her hand on top of mine to keep it in place and now she has a Maya sized hand print around her neck with bruises" Maya finished off pacing the Captain's office. "Why are you telling me this" Andy asked confused still "What if someone sees the bruise and mark and thinks I hurt her Andy I would never intentionally hurt her god I just can't stop thinking what if people think I abuse her and" Before Maya could finish Andy stood up and stopped her dead in her tracks.

"Okay you need to breath" Andy said "No one is going to think you abuse her not a single person in this station would think that and I personally have heard you have sex with her and it always sounds aggressive" the brunette said. "Just if someone asks tell them the truth just let Carina answer though not you because it could look like you are trying to shush her but I generally think everyone here would not have a doubt in their minds it was from sex" Andy said.

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