Chapter 5

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Friday 16th August 2019

"Heading home for the night Captain"  Carina asked as Maya walked out of her office "I am, what are you still doing here" Maya asked "My dad is going to be waiting for me at my apartment to argue with me again I already know it" Carina said "and I'm to exhausted to fight with him anymore today so I'm going to sleep here" the brunette said. "Do you want to stay at my house" Maya asked as she walked closer to the brunette "I can't ask you to do that for me" Carina said "you're not asking I'm offering I have a spare bedroom you can stay as long as you need to" Maya assured her.

"Do you mind if I have a quick shower" Carina asked as they walked into Maya's apartment "that's fine no worriers there should already be a towel in the bathroom" Maya said "okay I won't be long" Carina replied. "Carina I got you some clothes" Maya called out from outside the bathroom door "what" Carina said the water making it hard to hear the blonde "can I just come in" Maya asked "just come in Maya I can't hear you" Carina replied. "I got you some clothes I assumed you didn't bring any with you" Maya said "Thankyou Maya" Carina said.

"Maya are you home" Andy yelled as she entered the house "shit shit Andy is here" Maya said to Carina "MAYA" she shouted again the screams getting louder "She's going to barge in here" Maya said "Maya are you in the shower" Andy asked "yeah is everything okay" Maya yelled back "I'm coming in I need to talk to you" Andy said as the door handle started to turn "shit" Maya whispered as she jumped in the shower getting behind the curtain and putting her hand over Carina'a mouth "shh" the blonde sounded earning a head nod from the brunette.

"Robert is an ass" Andy said as she walked into the bathroom "why what happened" Maya said "he can't handle that I have the power to tell him what to do now he doesn't like that I'm higher up then him he hates it" Andy said "Do you want me to put him
In his place" Maya asked "no I just need to get drunk and forget about my ass of a husband for one night" Andy said.

"I was thinking of asking Vic and Deluca if they want to have a few drinks tonight" Andy said "yeah okay sounds good do you want to just meet at Joes or" Maya asked "yeah meet me at 8 I'll go and call vic and Deluca and ask them see you later" Andy said as she walked out of the bathroom.

"I'm uhh sorry" Maya said looking at Carina "it's fine don't stress" Carina replied nonchalantly "do you wanna share a towel too" Carina asked laughing "what was I supposed to do let her catch me standing in the bathroom whilst you had a shower and her ask a million questions" Maya said as she opened the curtain to step out "I am sorry didn't mean to over step" Maya said stepping out of the shower and taking off her clothes to get dry.

"Oh uhh your naked" Carina said as she quickly diverted her eyes away from the blonde "sorry I just needed to get dry" Maya said "that's okay just wasn't expecting it, nor was I expecting you to get in the shower with me but I guess this day is just full of surprises" Carina laughed "mhm well I am going to get dressed for drinks tonight see you shortly" Maya said walking out of the bathroom and to her bedroom.

Carina and Maya decided on going in seperate cars just incase Vic and Andy were already there so the other two didn't think they were already together.

"Maya" Andy yelled waving her hand up to get the blondes attention. "Hi how are you feeling" Maya asked as she approached the brunette sitting in the booth "much better after a few of these" Andy replied raising a glass "I am going to go grab a drink I'll be right back" Maya said as she sought her way to the bar. "I'll just grab a beer please Joe" the blonde said "This one is on me" A guys voice appeared from behind Maya as he handed Joe some money for the drink "well Thankyou" Maya said "your welcome, what's your name gorgeous" he said "Captain Maya Bishop" the blonde said "uhh Dr Andrew Deluca" the man replied, she almost spat her drink out "Deluca" she questioned "Si do we know each other already" he asked "uhh no I actually am your sisters captain" Maya replied.

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