Chapter 53

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Wednesday 8th September 2020

"Why are you so smiley" Maya asked from where she was sat in the driver seat "What do you mean why am I so smiley" Carina asked "You just made me see colours obviously I'm smiley" the brunette said laughing "how come you got two orgasms and I didn't even get one" the blonde asked faking offence "Pull over and I'll give you one now" Carina seriously offered "Sex crazed" the blonde replied laughing. "Do you want to come in with me" Maya asked as she pulled into the drive way of her mom's house "Yeah I'll come with you" Carina said nodding her head undoing her seat belt and getting out of the car. "You have sex hair" Maya said just as she knocked on her moms front door "Couldn't have told me that earlier" Carina asked quickly trying to smooth her hair out "Mommy, Mama" Lily screamed as Kathrine opened the door to reveal the two women "Hi baby" Maya said crouching down onto her knees and pulling her daughter in for a hug.

"Your date must have been good" Kathrine said chuckling gesturing to the brunette's hair "yeah it was thank you for watching her" Carina said stifling a laugh "We should get going" Maya said clearing her throat and standing up with a very tired daughter in her arms "Thankyou mom" Maya said giving her mom a quick hug before the small family made there way towards the car. "How was grandma's house baby" Maya asked as she strapped her daughter into her booster seat "Good but I'm tired" Lily replied covering a yawn "I know baby you can go to sleep as soon as we get home" Maya said leaving a kiss on her daughters forehead and then shutting the door to return to the drivers seat. "She's really tired huh" Carina said turning her head around to see her daughter struggling to stay awake "Go to sleep bambina mommy will carry you inside when we get home" Carina said earning a smack on the arm from her fiancee "Why can't you carry her in" Maya shot back "I can but I would rather you show off your back and bicep muscles" Carina said softly laughing and moving her hand to her fiancee's thigh.

"Watch your hand" Maya warned looking down at the brunettes fingers that were lightly brushing over her centre "Why" Carina asked keeping her eyes on the blonde "Our daughter is in the back seat" the blonde said "She is sleeping and I am not doing anything wrong" Carina replied continuing the movements of her fingers. "We are almost home" Maya said moving her hand from the steering wheel to stop the brunettes movements only to add more pressure to her centre "Shit" Maya gasped tightening her left hand on the steering wheel "In 10 minutes you can do whatever you want to me but right now you need to stop please" Maya said "You shouldn't say that" Carina warned "Say what" the blonde asked "Whatever I want" the Italian replied.


"Carry her inside she is asleep" Carina said as she opened the back door and allowed Maya to pick there daughter up "Go open the front door" Maya said "That defeats the purpose of having the view though" the brunette shot back "Carina" the blonde said shaking her head "Okay okay I'm going" the brunette replied walking up to the front door and unlocking it for her fiancée and daughter to enter. "I'm going to shower" Carina said as she shut the front door behind the blonde "Without me" Maya questioned "You can join once you put our bambina to bed" Carina said giving her fiancée and wink and then walking off towards their bedroom. "Mommy" Lily wined as Maya put her down on her bed "I'm here baby" Maya said stroking her daughters hair "Where's mama" Lily asked "She's in the shower" the older blonde replied "Okay" Lily said pulling her duvet over her and sinking further into the bed "Goodnight baby" Maya said placing a kiss on her daughters forehead before turning off her bedroom light and walking out of her daughters room and down the hall way towards hers and Carina's bedroom.

"Took you long enough" Carina said as the bathroom door opened "I'm here now" Maya replied pulling off her top and jeans "Thankyou for tonight bambina" the brunette said before she put her head under the water to wash out the shampoo "Of course baby we needed some alone time after the week we had" Maya said as she opened the shower door and stepped in right in front of her fiancée "I will never have the words to thank god how lucky I am to have you" Maya said quick to place her hands on her fiancée's waist "I'm the lucky one" Carina said pulling the blonde closer so she was under the water "Ever since you came into my life I never thought I could be happier and then I met you daughter and the both of you well you are all I ever need" the Italian said "And one more baby and that is all I ever need" Maya replied with a smirk "If I could get you pregnant I would have done so months ago" Carina said laughing before pulling her fiancée in and joining their lips together.

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