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Our Bambina by marinafan242
Our Bambinaby Rebecca (Becca)
I never thought I wanted a family. It wasn't important to me so I didn't really care about it. The first time I saw them, I didn't think I wanted to be part of their fa...
-Koi no yokan-ENG by McGrathxLeigh
-Koi no yokan-ENGby Wada Badía
Maya Bishop is an 18-year-old teenager sure of herself and especially her sexuality, Carina DeLuca is also an 18-year-old teenager who is sure of everything in her life...
Amelia, Carina, Arizona and Maya by jessica8675309
Amelia, Carina, Arizona and Mayaby jessica8675309
I walk by an MRI room and see the beautiful woman 'Carina' wow. I walk in and say "Carina, right?" "Yes" she says and I'm struck by her accent. I can...
Maya's Next Adventure by greys_stationfics
Maya's Next Adventureby katie
Fire Captain Maya Bishop got ready for her shift at Station 19 and went to work just like every other shift she had done. However, during a call with her long-term girlf...
The New Member of the family  by Carinaxspampinato
The New Member of the family by Carinaxspampinato
Chief Ripley gives nineteen another chance with the PRT, Carina and Warren work closely together to save the lives of everyone possible, but with fresh starts comes new...
underneath their surface - marina by talvcky
underneath their surface - marinaby talvcky
carinas and mayas story, but a little bit more in depth...
stefanielle - the secret by hotgreys
stefanielle - the secretby hotgreys
the secret behind stefania and danielle (smut) this story is about stefania and danielle both having secret feelings about each other (dirty feelings)
You, Me, and the Kid: A Stefanielle Story by shay_kam
You, Me, and the Kid: A shay_kam
Stefania Spampinato. An Italian goddess. An Italian goddess with a secret. Only her mom, dad, and brother knew about this secret of course. But what happens when she mee...
Marina endgame  by frias_nicole
Marina endgame by frias_nicole
Maya and carina accidentally crossed each other's paths. The which with out them knowing would change they're lives for ever. Exploring their deepest desires and fantas...
Amelia's MRI Ride by Bobbiejelly
Amelia's MRI Rideby bobbiejelly
When Carina DeLuca offers Amelia a chance to bring herself pleasure all in the name of science, it is an offer she cannot refuse.
We Need a New Room Mate (Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato) by endlessuniverses
We Need a New Room Mate ( endlessuniverses
Danielle lives with her best friend Jaina in a beautiful, three bedroom house in Seattle. They used to live with another girl named Leah but she moved away. They were ce...
Confessions  by avvs_stefanielle
Confessions by Aims
Stefania and Danielle are about to go on their hiatus after wrapping up season 4. Stefania is off to Brazil and Italy while Danielle is staying back in the US. Both real...
Meant to be  by Carinaxspampinato
Meant to be by Carinaxspampinato
A Fan fic into the lives and relationship of Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato.
Home is wherever I'm with You by Little_Rock17
Home is wherever I'm with Youby LittleRock17
A collection of one shots about the lives of Cap. Maya Bishop and Dr. Carina DeLuca. Fluff, Angst and everyting in between.
Life Gives Second Chances: A Stefanielle Story by shay_kam
Life Gives Second Chances: A shay_kam
Andi. A teenager who just wants to live life normal. But obviously high school has to be the rough path of life. Can she handle it? Or will she need a second chance?? A...
Maya's Sister  by greysfanfic16
Maya's Sister by Greyssfann123
Maya's baby sister, Mia, 15 years old. She leaves with her parents or at least that's what she says. Due to Maya's work she barley gets to see her and the fact she avo...
Anime gemelle - ENG by mariaxmarina
Anime gemelle - ENGby mariaxmarina
Maya Bishop has just finished college and takes a trip to Europe where she meets Carina Deluca, who will become the most important person in her life. English is not my...
A Beam of Hope by TheFlash7656
A Beam of Hopeby TheFlash7656
This is a marina story and it is about their adopted daughter Hope. The story will tell you about the struggle of her life with CF (cystic fibrosis) and also being parap...
Stefanielle/Marina one shots  by stefaniellesoulmate
Stefanielle/Marina one shots by stefaniellesoulmate
Some random stories that are in my mind and don't fit into my regular story. I hope you like it. 💛