Chapter 44

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Thursday 16th July 2020

Carina groaned rather loudly looking at her computer screen her eyes shifting to the clock knowing she wasn't going to be home at the time she told Maya she would be,  The brunette picked up her phone to make the call to her fiancé "Hi baby" the blonde said answering the phone on the second ring "You answered quick" Carina said chuckling "Was waiting for your call actually for you to tell me you got pulled into surgery or you have a meeting actually no it's a report right" Maya asked.

"Maya" Carina said "It's okay don't stress about it baby" Maya said "what about Lily" the brunette asked "my mom is staying at our place until I get home" the blonde said "You already organised it" Carina asked kind of hurt "Yeah I had a feeling this would happen" Maya said "Right" the Italian said feeling guilty about not spending much time with her family because she is always at work. "Do you plan on coming home at all tonight" Maya asked "I don't want to say yes because if something happens and then I don't come home I will be the worse person in the world right" Carina said matching the attitude her fiancé was giving her "It isn't like that" Maya said "Tell me what it is like then Maya" Carina shot back.

"I have to go" Maya said as someone knocked on her door "no worriers" Carina said "I love you" the blonde said "Mhm" Carina mumbled "Say it back" Maya said "I love you" Carina said before hanging up on her fiancé and throwing her phone on her desk letting out a deep breath and staring up at the celling. "Uhhh" Carina groaned once again before a knock on her door pulled her from her thoughts "Come in" the brunette said the door opening to reveal Dr Bailey "Chief what do you need" Carina asked "You are chief now Deluca" Miranda said "You will always be chief" the Italian said.

"Someone told me you have been here the past 2 weeks straight every single day" Miranda said taking a seat at the chair opposite Carina "Yeah" the brunette replied "Go home" Bailey said "What" Carina asked "Go home for the whole night and the whole day tomorrow stay at home do not take your pager do not come in for anything do not answer your phone unless I am calling do you understand" Bailey said "I can't go home Miranda there is a hospital full of surgeons that can't be left alone without something going wrong" Carina said throwing her head into her hands.

"Tonight and tomorrow I have got it any emergencies I have got okay Dr Grey is in the lab today so I was meant to have the day off but you need it more then me when you do a job like this it is important you still make time for you family otherwise everything is going to come crashing down" Bailey said "Are you sure" Carina asked "I am sure I don't want to see you in this hospital until Saturday understood" Miranda asked "okay call me if you need anything I am going to see my fiancé" Carina said picking up her bag and leaving her office.

"Chief Chief" Alex yelled followed by Arizona, Cristina and Jo "What" Carina asked "We need the helicopter to go and get a heart for our patient" Alex said "We need it to go and get a 25 week old pregnant women that has a baby with a very difficult tumour on her tiny skull" Arizona said "We can't miss this heart this little boy has been waiting 4 years" Alex said "The baby and the mom will die if we don't operate" Jo cut in "Hey hey stop talking" Carina said.

"Carina we need it please" Arizona said "Where is your heart" Carina asked "Seattle Pres" Alex said "Go and drive there I will get you an escort back you will be a max of an hour get your boy prepped okay" Carina said Alex going to prep the boy and Cristina and Levi going to get the heart "Arizona and Jo you can have the helicopter" Carina said both of them thanking her before running off to the elevator to go to the roof.

"Levi quickly I am taking the night and tomorrow off Bailey is in charge so no one is to call me understood" Carina said "No worrier Chief enjoy your time with Maya" Levi said winking and nudging the brunette "We are not friends do not say things like that to me" Carina said laughing turning around and leaving the hospital to get in her car and go to the station.

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