Chapter 56

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Friday 2nd October 2020

"Hi" Carina said as the blonde walked through the door and Carina and Lily were stood there with a bouquet of flowers and a bench full of food "Hi babies" Maya said her eyes widening at all the food on the bench "What is happening in our kitchen" the blonde asked shocked "Mama was nervous cooking" Lily answered "I see well are we going to have a party or something to eat all of this" Maya asked with a chuckle "No I'll just take it to the station, 19 will consume it all in 3 minutes anyways" Carina answered "Mhm they can't resist your cooking baby" Maya said taking slow steps towards her fiancée to pull her into a tight hug.

"Mama pick me up please" Lily said holding her arms up "Come her bambina" Carina replied quick to pick her daughter up and have a family hug with the three of them "Welcome home bella" Carina said pressing a quick kiss to her fiancées lips "I love you" Maya said "I love you too" the Italian said with a small smile and blush rising to her cheeks "I thought I was the one with the very expressive face" Maya said with a laugh "You still make me nervous sometime shut up" Carina said delivery a soft smack to the blonds arm "Mommy look what Mama bought me" Lily said running off towards the back yard "Where is she going" Maya asked confused "Don't be mad" Carina said a nervous look on her face just as Lily ran back in the house with a puppy in her arms.

"Who's is that" Maya asked confused "Ours mommy" Lily said with a smile "You got her a dog" the older blonde said an annoyed tone of voice shooting her fiancée a glare "She really wanted one" Carina offered "So beautiful baby why don't you take it outside and play with it we will join you in a minute" Maya said smiling at her daughter, Lily agreeing quickly and making her way into the backyard. "I said don't be mad" Carina said with a chuckle "This isn't funny Carina this is a whole dog you bought her a puppy" Maya said "Yes I know I did but I didn't think you would mind" the Italian offered "You didn't think I would mind that you bought a dog to our house" Maya said with a sarcastic laugh.

"We have a daughter Carina and you want another baby next year, we also have demanding jobs we can't just have a dog" Maya argued "You said you wanted another baby" Carina replied earning a confused look from her fiancée "What" Maya asked "You said that I want another baby next year do you not want another kid anymore" Carina asked shocked "No I do I definitely do okay I just.. you should have at least spoken to me about it" the blonde replied "You would have said no" the doctor replied "True" Maya said with a soft smile "Just come and meet her please she is beautiful you will fall in love with her I promise" Carina said holding her hand out for her fiancée to grab.

"Mommy look" Lily said excitedly as the puppy chased her around the back yard "Look how cute she is Maya" Carina said an immediate smile falling to her face "I know" Maya replied leaning against her fiancée "What should we name her bambina" Carina asked her daughter "Luna" Lily simply replied "Good enough for me" Maya said nodding her head "Agreed" Carina replied. "How much was she" Maya asked worried "two Thousand" the Italian simply replied "She is a toy poodle right" the blonde asked crouching down as her daughter and there new dog were running towards her "She is" Carina confirmed with a nod.

"Did you buy her some toys and treats, food a bed all of that" Maya asked "Si in Lily's room" Carina confirmed "She is not sleeping in Lily's room" the blonde replied "I know I was hiding it from you" the brunette said with a chuckle "She is going to sleep in our room" Carina added "No she is not" Maya quickly replied "Yes she is Maya look how small she is she can't sleep away from us" Carina said "Okay fine but I can't go walking with this dog" Maya said with a soft laugh "Why" the doctor asked confused "I am a battalion chief I am supposed to be scary and bad ass I can't walk around with this fluff ball next to me I'll look like a softie" Maya said.

"You already are" Carina whispered into her ear before leaving her fiancée and daughter to continue playing with the dog as she walked inside to put the food she just cooked into the fridge. "Luna come her baby" Maya called out with a whistle watching the small golden brown poodle run towards her "You are so gorgeous" the blonde said picking the dog up and holding her in her arms "My fiancée is forgiven purely because of how cute you are" Maya whispered completely unaware that her fiancée was now stood behind her watching her interact with their new dog "You are already so soft bambina" Carina said coming up behind the blonde and wrapping her arms around her waist.

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