Chapter 39

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Friday 15th June 2020

"Maya hey hey wake up" Andy said as her bestfriend was shaking in her arms "Maya hey" Andy said once more the blonde's eyes instantly opening "What's wrong" the brunette asked when she looked at her bestfriends panicked face "Carina she's dead" Maya breathed out "No she isn't" Andy said "Yes I just saw her and Callie and Amelia told me" Maya said "Maya breath Carina is still in surgery you must of had a nightmare" Andy said.

"It felt so real" Maya said clutching her chest "She's going to be fine Bishop she isn't going to die" Andy said "It felt so real she was dead I saw her and I kissed her cold lips" Maya said moving her finger to her lip and touching it. "Look Callie and Amelia are coming and they don't have someone just died faces on okay she's fine" Andy said gesturing to the two surgeons walking towards them.

"The surgery went perfectly she is in recovery and should be awake within the next 30 minutes, Maya you can go and wait by her bed side and we will be in to give you both an update once she is awake" Callie said Maya letting out a deep breath "She's okay" Maya asked "She's okay" Amelia confirmed "Thank you both so much" Maya said hugging the both of them before they led her off to her fiancé.


"Maya" Carina breathed out "I'm here baby" Maya said instantly standing up and moving to her fiancés side "Hi" the Italian said voice hoarse "Do you want some water" the blonde asked "Please" the brunette said nodding her head. "Here baby" Maya said grabbing the cup of water and holding the straw to her mouth "Callie and Amelia are going to come and see you in a bit and check everything over" Maya said "Good" Carina said.

"Are you okay" the brunette asked seeing the nervous look all over her fiancé's face "Yeah just really happy you're okay" Maya said "You didn't think I would be okay" Carina asked "After you convinced me to get the surgery" the Italian added "I just..nevermind we can talk about it later" Maya said "I love you" Carina said leaning forward and pressing a quick kiss to her fiancés lips "I love you too".

"Dr Deluca how are you feeling" Callie asked as her and Amelia entered Carina's room "Good actually" Carina replied "Good well the surgery went perfectly we were able to relieve the pressure on that nerve and there should be no further problems" Amelia said "Good when can I go home" Carina asked "We will get you up and moving this afternoon and hopefully tomorrow you can go home if all your overnight labs and vitals are within normal range" Callie said. "A nurse will in shortly to take some bloods and move you to the post op ward we will be in later to get you up and moving but until then do not get out of this bed" Amelia said "I won't" Carina said holding her hands up in defence.

"You up for a visitor baby" Maya asked once they were moved to the post op ward "Lily" Carina asked "Yes she is begging my mom to come and see you" Maya said "Always up for her company" Carina said. "Can we talk wedding plans" Carina asked from where she was laying down in the hospital bed "Right now" Maya asked "Right now" Carina confirmed "Of course we can talk wedding plans" The blonde agreed.


"I had a nightmare when you were in surgery" Maya said looking down at her hands as she nervously played with her fingers "You had a nightmare" Carina asked confused "Mhm Andy came and sat with me whilst you were in surgery and I fell asleep and I was woken up by Andy telling me the doctors were coming so I quickly stood up and Callie and Amelia came over and told me you were dead and I saw your body and I kissed your cold lips and it felt so real" Maya said fighting back the tears.

"I couldn't breath and I started hyperventilating and that's when Andy shook me to wake me up because she knew something wasn't were dead Carina and I couldn't breath I can't breath without you" Maya said. "Bambina I'm fine I am right here and I'm not going anywhere" Carina said reaching out and grabbing her fiancés hand bringing it into her lap "Please don't die on me Carina I can't live without you I just can't I have to go first not you and not yet just not until we have lived a full life and we are old and have been together for 60 years" Maya said starting to hyperventilate.

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