Chapter 12

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Tuesday 7th January 2020

"Carina thank you so much for doing this" Dean said as the brunette open the door for him "Of course we love Pru" Carina replied "Okay well everything you need is in this bag, any questions just call me I have to get going" Dean said "We will be fine say bye Dad" Carina said waving Pru's hand slightly.

"Want to wake up Maya" Carina asked Pru "I think we should" she added before walking the baby into Maya's bedroom. "What is happening" Maya mumbled moving to put the pillow over her head "No bambina" Carina said taking the pillow from her hands and placing Pru on her girlfriends stomach. "Hi baby" Maya said playing with Pru's cheeks.

"Do you want to go to the park" Maya asked her girlfriend as she walked into the kitchen with Pru on her hip "Si we can" Carina said with a smile. "Why is she crying" Carina asked "Probably hungry baby, let me get her bottle one second" Maya said reaching into the baby bag to grab her bottle "Can you give it to her" Carina asked "Yeah here" Maya said holding her hands out to take Pru from the blonde. "You afraid of feeding a baby" Maya asked with a chuckle "Just of babies in general" Carina said taking a sip of her coffee "What do you mean, you are a doctor" Maya said "Saving kids and birthing babies is different to baby sitting kids and having kids" Carina said "You don't want kids" Maya questioned "No" Carina said shaking her head "Do you" the brunette asked "Yeah I do" the blonde confirmed "Oh" the brunette said now avoiding eye contact with her girlfriend "Yeah" Maya said.

Thursday 9th January 2020

"Andy she doesn't want kids" Maya said pacing around her best friends office "Who doesn't want kids" Andy asked looking up from her paper work "Carina she doesn't want to have children" Maya said "Oh that's not good" the brunette asked "Yeah I know" Maya replied "How do you know she doesn't want kids" Andy asked "We watched Pru for Dean and she told me she doesn't want children" Maya said throwing her head back "It will be okay, she will come around" Andy said "I can't change my views on this as you already know" Maya said "Does she know" Andy asked "No I haven't told her" Maya responded.

"One second Maya... Come in" Andy said to who ever knocked on the door "Captain.. Oh Maya sorry I'll come back" Carina said "No it's fine I was just leaving" Maya said avoiding looking at her girlfriend and then walking out her best friends office. "What do you need Dr Deluca" Herrera asked "Is Sullivan clean" Carina asked "Excuse me" Andy questioned "We are missing 2 vials of Fentanyl" Carina said "Are you sure" Andy asked "Positive I recounted twice I double checked with Warren we counted together three times, We went through patient records to make sure we didn't miss anything definitely two vials are missing" Carina explained "I know he is your husband but I have to take this to Bishop" the Dr said "Yeah um go and tell Maya now please" Andy said.

"Bishop" Carina said knocking on the door "What do you need Deluca" Maya asked "We are missing two vials of Fentanyl" The brunette blurted out "I'm sorry what" Maya asked "I was counting the supplies in the PRT and noticed the numbers were off, so I recounted and was off again, I got Warren and we counted together and went through all the patients we had used Fentanyl on to see if we miscounted but we didn't two vials have been stolen or misplaced" Carina said "have you told Herrera" Maya asked "I have" Carina confirmed "You have supplies to take blood" Maya asked "I do" Carina confirmed "Go and get your supplies and tell Sullivan I need to see him now please" Maya said.

"Warren my office now" Maya yelled from her office "What do you need Chief" Ben asked "Deluca told me what is going on, The PRT is on suspension until further notice and so are you and Carina" Maya explained "What why we didn't do anything" Ben said "I'm sure you didn't but until we do an investigation that is what is happening go and wait in Herrera's office please" Maya said. "Carina what the hell" Ben said as he left Maya's office "What" Carina questioned "Have you spoken to Bishop" He asked "I only told her what happened and went to get this to take blood" Carina said "We are suspended" Ben said "What why, we didn't do anything" Carina said "Until the investigation is complete we aren't allowed to work" Ben said storming off down the stairs and into Andy's office.

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