Chapter 16

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Saturday 25th January 2020

"I have a daughter" Maya said "A what" Carina asked "A daughter a 6 year old little girl" Maya said avoiding eye contact with the brunette "I um had her off a one night stand but she still sees her dad and we share custody which is why when you are here she isn't" the blonde added "The spare room that I never showed you or let you go in that is her room" Maya admitted "Hang on a second" Carina said sitting up and moving away from the blonde "How could you not tell me this" Carina asked "well at first I didn't think we were going to go anywhere I thought we were just sleeping together, and her father and I have this arrangement that we have to be with the person we are seeing for 6 months or more before introducing her so she doesn't get confused. She was at her dad's for Christmas this year that's why I could spend it with you" Maya said "How could you not tell me this oh my god" Carina said standing up from the bed and pacing the bedroom.

"I'm sorry Carina I am so sorry, but as soon as I knew it was getting serious between us I wanted to tell you but I didn't know how and I didn't know how you felt about kids and having them so I was scared to how you would react" Maya said "You should of told me from the start Maya" Carina said "No one really knows about her" Maya said "Only Andy from the station and my family but that's really it" Maya said "I can't" Carina said continuing her pacing "I know this is a lot and I want to let you process it all before you come to a decision but I would really like for you to meet her" Maya said "I can't meet your daughter Maya" Carina said "Why not" Maya asked "I just need a few days to process this can you go please" Carina asked the blonde "Okay" Maya said standing up and packing her things. "What's her name" the brunette asked "Lily Andrea Bishop" Maya said.

Monday 27th January 2020

"I told her" Maya said flopping down on the chair in her bestfriends office "Oh how did she take it" Andy asked "Um she said she needed a few days and asked me to leave and I haven't spoken to her since so not well I guess" Maya said "Well I think it's good you told her" Andy said "She needed to know sooner or later, you couldn't exactly keep your daughter a secret forever" Andy said "One second" Andy added as someone knocked on her door.

"Come in" Andy called out "Captain" Carina said before seeing the blonde "Sorry um I can come back" Carina offered "No it's fine go ahead" Andy said "I need a week off" Carina asked "You can't just have a week off Carina we need you" Andy said "I know but I need to go to Italy for a bit and uhh clear my head and process some recent things" Carina said "She can go" Maya said to the captain "What about the PRT" Andy asked "I'll get it covered, do what you have to do" Maya said looking at the brunette just getting a nod from the doctor who walked out of the captains office.

Monday 3rd February  2020

"Deluca welcome back" Andy said as the doctor walked into the barn "Thanks captain" Carina replied "Ben is off today so Dr Robbins will be joining you on the PRT today" Andy said to the brunette "No worriers" Carina replied.

"Carina" Maya said as the Doctor was stocking up the PRT "Chief" Carina said "How was your time away" the blonde asked "Good thank you for asking" the brunette responded "Do you need something or are you just going to keep staring at me" Carina asked "Sorry um can we talk please" Maya asked "Not now" Carina said "When" Maya asked "Tonight after work I'll come over" Carina stated "I can't I have Lily tonight since I have the day off tomorrow" Maya said quietly "Once she is asleep" the older women asked "Okay see you around 8pm then" the blonde asked "Si no problem".

"Arizona" Carina said when she saw the blonde walk into the station "Carina welcome back" Arizona said giving her a quick hug "How are you doing" Carina asked as they walked upstairs to the locker rooms "Yeah good actually really good and how about you" Arizona said "I've been better" Carina answered.

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