Chapter 48

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Sunday 30th August 2020

"We should get going before Mateo wakes up for his next feed" Carina said "yeah okay" Maya said staring to pack up all of there things "This really suits you both" Maddie said "What's that" Carina asked "the baby and the two kids thing you have it so under control you should think of adding another one to the family soon" Maddie said "that's the plan" Carina said smiling "Isn't that right bambina" the brunette asked "Mhm next year" Maya replied landing a kiss on her fiancée's lips and walking off to get there daughter.

"Well you should come over for dinner again soon" Mason suggested "Yeah of course just set it up with Maya" Carina said standing up and packing the last few things away "It was great to see the both of you" the brunette said hugging her soon to be brother in law and his wife "You too" Mason said. "Ready baby" Maya asked walking over with Lily holding her hand "Si ready" Carina said nodding her head "I will see you soon" Maya said bidding her goodbyes to her brother and sister in law.


"Has Andy messaged you about what time she is coming to get him" Carina asked as she was changing Mateo's nappy "Not yet I don't want to wake them up" Maya said "How do you know they are sleeping" Carina asked confused "They have a newborn baby and I had a newborn baby the first time I left Lily I slept the whole 8 hours Andy had her" Maya said laughing "fair enough we have to remember this and when our bambina or bambino is giving us hell we can use this to get Andy to watch them" Carina said "mhm good idea" Maya said.

"Here I am going to start dinner" Carina said handing Mateo to Maya "At 3" Maya questioned "Mhm Lily asked for lasagna and it takes a while to cook" Carina said "True god I love the newborn stage but also super boring" Maya said just cuddling the very small baby in her arms "Well you look extra hot with a baby in your arms" Carina said looking her fiancée up and down "Hear that Mateo your auntie Maya is going to get lucky tonight" the blonde whispered "Maya" Carina said "What" the blonde asked chuckling "Don't say things like that to him" Carina said.

"okay Andy is on her way" Maya said as she was currently laying on the couch whilst Mateo slept on her chest "I'll make sure everything is ready" Carina said walking around the apartment to grab everything for them to give to Andy. "Oh I meant to tell you the real estate agent called me yesterday she said we can pick up the keys next week now instead so we can start moving in from then" Maya said "yeah okay might be slow with work but if we can get the main things to the new house and then when ever we have days off just finish the moving" Carina said "I asked nineteen if they will help us actually and they all agreed to help us next weekend" Maya said "Okay I have Saturday off but I have to work on Sunday" the burette said "That's fine we can get it all done on Saturday" the blonde said.

"How is Travis doing in the interim Captain position" Carina asked "good actually he is going to make an amazing Captain one day" Maya said smiling proudly "A captain spot opened at 23 actually I am going to recommend Travis or Jack" the blonde said "yeah 23 needs some serious improvement" Carina said chuckling "Oh sorry forgot you are in charge of that station" Carina added "It's okay actually I have a plan for them I just need to wait until Andy is back so I can execute it" Maya said "what's that plan" Carina asked.

"Travis or Jack will become captain at 23 I will be spending every day there unless I have a call or a meeting obviously I am going to send half of nineteen to twenty three and half of twenty three to nineteen" Maya said "Wait do you think anyone will actually go to 23" Carina asked "Not forever just if the stations are spilt nineteen can train up 23 at both stations and then I will bring 23 back together as one and see if it worked" Maya said "Big plans" Carina said "Mhm and Ripley and I are talking about getting another PRT in the SFD and I want the next one to go to 23" Maya said.

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