Chapter 43

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Wednesday 1st July 2020

"Schmitt what do you need" Carina asked answering her phone "We have a bit of a situation Chief you should get down here as soon as possible" Levi said "What is it" the Italian asked "Just get here as soon as possible meet me in your office see you soon" Schmitt said before hanging up "I'm going to kill this intern I swear" Carina groaned getting out of bed and throwing on a pair of jeans and a jumper deciding she will just change into her scrubs when she arrives at the hospital "You have to go" Maya asked "Mhm some new situation" the brunette said "Well I'll see you later then" the blonde questioned "Yeah bambina I'll message you and let you know when I will be home okay"  Carina said walking around to Maya's side of the bed and leaning down to give her a quick kiss.


"Chief you are here" Levi said from the front of the burette's office "Why did you call me at 12am in the morning what is going on" Carina asked "Your brother" Levi said "Andrea" the brunette said confused "Mhm he is in surgery and the patient is gone but he won't stop trying to save her" Levi said "Wait right here" Carina said quickly going into her office and throwing on her scrubs "Which OR is he in" the Italian asked walking back out of her office now in navy blue scrubs "Or One" Levi said following the brunette towards the OR's.

"I'll be right here if you need" Levi said staying at the door as Carina entered seeing her brother pumping on a women's chest and the blood all over the floor and coming out of her eyes, ears, mouth and nose with the continue flatline beep ringing through the OR "Everyone leave this OR now please" Carina said walking further towards her brother. "Andrea" Carina said "No she is not dead" Andrew said continuing to pump on the women chest "Andrea she is gone you have to let her go" Carina said rounding the table to be opposite her brother "No she can come back" he replied.

"How long has she been down" Carina asked "45 minutes" Andrew said "She's gone you need to let her go now" Carina said stepping closer to her brother "Don't come near me" He said Carina moving to turn off the sound of the flatlining "I am not here as your sister right now I am here as your chief so Dr Deluca you need to step away from the patient now" Carina said sternly "Andrea she is gone look at her and even if you could get her back she would have terrible effects from it and her quality of life would be gone" Carina said rounding the table to be next to her brother putting her arms around him and pulling him off of his patient.

"Carina" Andrew cried wrapping his arms around his sister "My office now" Carina said sweetly "Schmitt will take you and I'll meet you there in 5 minutes" Carina said before walking off to let everyone know they can come and finish cleaning up the OR. "Boy Deluca isn't even going to get in any sort of trouble for his behaviour because his sister is the chief now" Carina heard a scrub nurse say to another nurse "How about just get back to you job instead of gossiping in the hallways please" Carina said before walking off towards her office.

"Andrea" Carina said walking into her office seeing her brother sitting on the couch "I'm fine Carina I just though I could save her" Andrew said "are you sleeping" Carina asked "Eating" the burette added "Carina" Andrew said "are you taking your medication" the Chief asked "I'm fine" Andrew said "Go home sleep, eat and take your medication and we can have a meeting about this in 3 days time" Carina said "I have to go update the family" Andrea said "I'll do it go home" Carina said "I'm not going home I have patients and surgeries" the male Italian said "No surgeries" Carina said.

"What" Andrew asked "You heard me no surgeries, no patient interaction no nothing until you get yourself sorted out if you insist on staying here instead of helping yourself you can do paperwork and update all the chart but as of now you are banned from the OR" Carina said sternly before walking out of her office and calling a meeting with all her department chiefs.

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