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Meant to be  by Carinaxspampinato
Meant to be by Carinaxspampinato
A Fan fic into the lives and relationship of Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato.
6,000 Miles (Station 19) by MattieAnatomy
6,000 Miles (Station 19)by MattieAnatomy
Carina DeLuca's little sister, Adelina, comes to visit after the death of their brother. Little does she know, their father said the 16 year old isn't allowed to come ba...
What Really Happened by GeorgiaHart97
What Really Happenedby Georgia
What if this is true? What if this really happened? Stefanielle's chemistry was instant. We all know there's something else there. I respect Danielle's and Stefania's pr...
Mom's new love (marina) by PippaMoon03
Mom's new love (marina)by PippaMoon03
Maya Bishop has a fourteen year old daughter named Harley; she got pregnant by accident with her boyfriend Jack and they lived together as a family until he died when Ha...
Baby bishops  by stationgreysfan
Baby bishops by Lily ♡
Maya is a single mum to two amazing little boys, Rustle and Max Bishop. Can she do it on her own though? What happens when an appointment at Grey sloan turns into more?
Under Her Wing by lovatic_f
Under Her Wingby faye 💕
A 13 year old actress is added to the set of station 19. She's great at playing her role but what happens when Danielle starts to see through her act.
Its all for you (Stefanielle) by serox1e
Its all for you (Stefanielle)by sarah 💟
What happens when you fall in love with your coworker?
Trusting Happiness by justanothergirl512
Trusting Happinessby justanothergirl512
I never thought I'd be in a fire. I knew how to look out for myself, how to stay safe and away from the system, but this was something I couldn't have prepared for. Neit...
You, Me, and the Kid: A Stefanielle Story by shay_kam
You, Me, and the Kid: A Stefaniell...by shay_kam
Stefania Spampinato. An Italian goddess. An Italian goddess with a secret. Only her mom, dad, and brother knew about this secret of course. But what happens when she mee...
Love You From A Distance by justanotherwriter234
Love You From A Distanceby justanotherwriter234
When Dr Carina DeLuca takes over a shift at her brother's restaurant she never thought she would find the love of her life, and it would be safe to say neither did Serge...
stefanielle/marina one-shots by stefaniadelucabishop
stefanielle/marina one-shotsby stefaniadelucabishop
just one-shots of stefania and danielle/maya and carina
Missed Times by keeldelight
Missed Timesby Keel Delight
Maya is married to the love of her life and it all could be perfect except she's not a fire Captain anymore. She's determined to get it back. One day she wakes up in the...
Crime and Punishment by Carinaxspampinato
Crime and Punishmentby Carinaxspampinato
Detective Maya Bishop is unquestionably the best detective at nineteen but when Detective Carina Deluca comes along she keeps her on her toes. TW- This story is based o...
stefanielle one shot by babyblanchett
stefanielle one shotby babyblanchett
The sex scene in 5x16 turns even sexier.. I've never written smut before so don't be mean to me xD
MY LOVE by Marina4034
MY LOVEby Marina
Carina come home one day and is completely different and maya is concerned MD/LG
Adopted by Stefania Spampinato by margs369
Adopted by Stefania Spampinatoby Margs Hughes
This is a story about Stefania, who never ever wanted kids. She meets a set of twins who have nobody else. While falling in love with them, she also realizes that she...
Unheard Of - Maya and Carina ON HOLD by thespampinatos
Unheard Of - Maya and Carina ON HO...by thespampinatos
S, as she goes by, a 15 year old girl, is rescued from a house fire by station 19. What they don't know is that S is mute. What happens when maya gets particularly close...
We Need a New Room Mate (Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato) by endlessuniverses
We Need a New Room Mate (Danielle...by endlessuniverses
Danielle lives with her best friend Jaina in a beautiful, three bedroom house in Seattle. They used to live with another girl named Leah but she moved away. They were ce...
Stefanielle + Bambine Oneshots by lovatic_f
Stefanielle + Bambine Oneshotsby faye 💕
Oneshot stories with Danielle Savre and Stefania Spampinato. May include Marina stories and will often include new young characters. Leave your requests in the comment...