Chapter 37

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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

"What are you doing" Maya mumbled when she felt the bed shifting next to her "I need to pee" Carina replied "it's 7am already baby you should start to think about getting up" the brunette added walking into the bathroom shutting the door behind her. "Mommy" Lily screeched running into Maya's bedroom and jumping on her "What is it baby" Maya asked "When can we go to the slopes" Lily asked excitedly "Go have a shower and I'll make breakfast and then we can go" the mother said "Okay mommy" Lily replied jumping off the bed and running out of the main bedroom.

"So much energy so early" Maya complained burying her head in her pillow "Do I need to remind you that you were that excited yesterday" Carina said walking out of the bathroom "I should get up" Maya said "You really should" the Italian confirmed pulling the covers back. "Shit it's cold" Maya said "Go and shower I'll start making something for breakfast" Carina said pressing a quick kiss to her girlfriends lips.

"Andy hi" Carina said as she picked up Maya's phone "Carina" Andy asked "yeah everything okay" The Italian asked "Yeah I just need to speak with Maya" Andy said "We are on vacation she isn't taking work calls right now" Carina said "No it isn't a work call I just can you get her to call me please" Andy asked "Of course" Carina said. "Who was on the phone" Maya asked from the bathroom "Andy was can you call her back when you are done please" Carina asked before walking out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen.

"Mama look" Lily said running towards Carina in the kitchen dressed in her all white snow suit "So pretty baby" Carina said "You have thermals on underneath" Carina asked "Si" Lily replied pulling down her zip to show her black thermals "Okay go and get your boots and gloves baby so you are ready when mommy is finished" Carina said. "You can go and get ready baby I'll finish this off" Maya said "Okay Lily is already in her snow stuff she went to grab her gloves and boots" Carina said "no worriers go get dressed" the blonde said.


"I hate this part" Carina groaned as they got onto the ski lift at started to go up the mountain "The ski lift" Maya asked confused "Mhm" the brunette confirmed nodding her head "Why" the blonde asked "I always fall when I get to the top" the Italian said "I can't wait" Maya said chuckling softly "Hey now I will pull you down with me" Carina said.

"You ready" Maya asked a big smile on her face as they were almost at the top "as I will ever be" Carina said rolling her eyes then pulling her neck warmer up over her mouth and nose "You ready baby" Maya asked "Yes mommy" Lily replied buckling up her helmet and pulling the neck warmer up to her nose. "You are both going to get so hot" Maya said as she was just in a snow suit and one glove "No you are just built different it is freezing" Carina shot back.

"That was the best thing I have ever seen" Maya said laughing from where she was sitting at the top of the mountain clipping in her right boot "I told you I would fall" Carina said as she did up her boot "I know but it was much funnier to watch then you just saying you would fall" the blonde said pushing herself up "Need a hand" Maya asked holding out her hand to help her girlfriend up "No I got it" Carina said pushing herself up followed by Lily rolling over onto her stomach then pushing herself up on her knees to get to a standing position.

"Ready" Maya asked "I'll race you" Lily said "You're on" Maya shot back "3..2..1 and go" Carina yelled watching her girlfriend and daughter go off the little slope and go down the mountain before she joined them. "A seven year old beat you" Carina said laughing when she met them at the bottom "I let her win" Maya said "no you didn't" Lily said "you're right I didn't" the older blonde said laughing.

"Who is it" Carina asked as Maya's phone started to ring "Andy give me one second to answer this" Maya said unclipping her self and walking away form the other two. "Andy what's up" Maya asked "You left a ring in your office" Andy said "I know" Maya said back "You are going to propose" the brunette asked "Yeah I don't know when but eventually I am going to yes" the blonde said "Okay I thought maybe you forgot the ring but were planning on doing it whilst your away" Andy said "no it's fine just pop it in my draw for me please" the blonde said "Okay have a good vacation" the brunette said before hanging up.

"Everything okay" Carina asked "Yeah all good let's go again" Maya said holding her hand out for her girlfriend to take ahold of which she happily did "I love you so much" the blonde said "I love you so much too" Carina replied bumping into Maya's side.


"Do you want to buy a bigger house" Carina asked as they were cuddled up in front of the fire "What" Maya asked "A bigger house" Carina said again "Why do we need a different house" Maya asked confused. "We don't I just thought maybe we could buy an actual house like one we both own" the brunette suggested "I like the apartment" the blonde said "I do as well but it only have two bedrooms and if we have another baby then we need to have an extra room and don't you want a garage for your gym stuff and I want a bigger kitchen" Carina said.

"It isn't like we are going to have another baby anytime soon" Maya said "Why not" Carina asked "What do you mean I am a battalion chief you are about to take a chief of surgery position and Lily is only seven" Maya said "Yeah but we aren't getting any younger Maya and I don't want to wait to long and then it become an issue trying to have a baby" the Italian said. "Don't look at me with that confused look on your face I'm not saying I want to have a baby with you tomorrow but maybe within the next 2 years" Carina said.

"And I want both of our children to have their own room and a yard to play in" Carina said "I like the sound of that" Maya said "Sound of what" Carina asked "Our children" the blonde said wrapping her arms tighter around her girlfriend "She is our child and I want to move houses so please will you at least think about it" Carina asked "I will think about it" Maya confirmed closing the gap between the two of them.

Friday 5th June 2020

"One more time mama please" Lily begged as they got to the bottom of the mountain "I am going to go to the toilet and grab a drink baby mommy will take you" Carina said looking towards Maya "Yeah come on baby Carina will go with you again tomorrow" the older blonde said. With that Maya and Lily made their way towards to chair lifts whilst Carina walked off towards the bar to grab a drink and go to the bathroom.

"Race again mommy" Lily asked from the top of the hill "Let's do it baby" Maya said "What does the winner get" Lily asked "If I win I want you to ask Carina to marry you" Lily said as she clipped in her boot. "What" the older blonde asked "I want you and Carina to be married so if I beat you down the hill you ask her to marry you" Lily said "Okay and if I win, I wait until Carina asks me to marry her" Maya said "Deal" Lily said smiling shaking her mothers hand.

"3..2..1 and go" Maya yelled both of them starting the trip down the mountain Lily quickly falling behind "That settles that mommy you wait" Lily said as she arrived at the bottom on the mountain unclipping her boots from her board where Maya was already waiting for her "Where is Carina" Maya asked looking through the crowds of people for her girlfriend "Turn around" Lily said smiling.

Maya slowly turned around to see her girlfriend on one knee a black velvet box in her hand "Carina" Maya said confusion lacing her voice "Maya" Carina said opening the box to reveal a silver engagement ring "The day I walked into your office I knew that this day would come the day I got down on one knee and asked you to love me forever" Carina said wiping a tear away that dropped down her cheek "I love you and I want to love you forever so please Maya Bishop will you Marry me" Carina said trying to fight the tears slipping out of her eyes.

"I can't"

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