Chapter 50

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Monday 7th September 2020

"Everyone move now" Maya yelled handing Matteo off to her bestfriend "Maya do you want to sit this one out" Andy asked "No she will be fine nineteen move now let's go" the blonde yelled quick to run out to the Battalion Chief car start it up and pull out of the driveway of the station followed closely by the engine, ladder, aid car and PRT. "Come on come one answer your phone" Maya groaned desperately trying to get her fiancée to answer.

"Bishop to nineteen, 23, 18, and 10 are on there way when we get there you are on search and rescue I want everyone on the east side out of that building" Maya said "Now the fire started on the surgical wards and has now spread to the next 3 floors the surgeons in the OR's won't want to leave and I'm not interested in hearing that understood you get each and everyone of them out of there" the blonde said earning a bunch of copy's.

"Answer your dam phone" The blonde said pulling into the Grey sloan parking lot that was already covered in patients, doctors, visitors the lot. "Nineteen go now" Maya yelled opening her boot to start incident command "Incident command to nineteen" the blonde said once they were in the hospital "go ahead Bishop" Travis replied "When you find Carina she won't want to get out until everyone else is so radio me okay" Maya said "Copy that Chief" Travis replied.

"Bishop" Bailey said running towards the blonde "Bailey what do you need" Maya asked "All the people from the surgical ward have been moved out here or to the west wing of the hospital, all the OR's have been evacuated except one" Miranda said "Good stay out here okay go and ask Ben where he needs help please" the blonde said "Carina won't leave the operating room" Bailey said "Of course she won't.... which one is she in" Maya asked "Three" the surgeon replied.

"Bishop to nineteen... all operating rooms have been cleared out except OR three Carina is in there tell her to get out and get out now" Maya said "the surgical wing has also been evacuated but I want you do to another sweep of it to make sure I am sending station 10 in now to continue helping with evac and 23 and 21 will begin getting hoses ready" the blonde said.

"Dr Deluca it is time to evacuate" Travis said walking into the brunettes OR "Travis if I leave this women right now she is going to die and I will not have that on my hands" the brunette said "Carina you can wrap her up and get her to the PRT where Ben can finish up for you okay her vitals are stable" Travis said "I am not coming with you until this is finished" Carina shot back "How long will you be" the Captain asked "at least an hour" Carina replied "Okay well you don't have an hour you have about 10 minutes before that fire is here and you won't be alive to make sure you patient stays alive" Travis said in an annoyed tone the Italian ignoring him.

"Montgomery to incident command" Travis said over the radio "Don't you dare tell my fiancée" Carina said "Go ahead Montgomery" Maya's voice came through the radio "I have a surgeon in here refusing to leave" Travis said "Carina" the blonde asked "Correct Chief" Travis replied "Can she hear me" Maya asked "Yes" the interim Captain asked. "Carina" Maya said "Maya I can't leave yet I need you to buy me some time" Carina said "I don't have any time to give you okay the fire is spreading we are up to 3 alarms already I need you and everyone else out of that building right now" Maya said "I'm sorry Maya I can't" Carina said "Go away now evacuate everyone else please and then buy me some time" the brunette said gesturing for Travis to leave her OR.

"Nineteen update" Maya asked as they ran out of the building "Surgical ward is clear, Maternity ward, peds and NICU is clear all patients are on there way to Seattle pres" Miller said "Travis did you get Carina, her team and there patient out" the blonde asked "Negative" Travis answered looking towards the floor "Sullivan" Maya called out "Chief" Robert said "I am turning incident command over to you for 10 minutes whilst I go and get my fiancée you know what you are doing" Maya said "Yes chief go" Robert said "Warren with me" Maya said "All of nineteen you are to come with me as well if they won't leave we are picking them up and bringing them out understood" Maya questioned putting on her scba. "Let's move" the blonde said running into the burning building followed by her team and warren with the PRT gurney.

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