Chapter 24

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Saturday 7th March 2020

"I love you too" Carina said wiping a tear off her face "I am going to miss you" Lily said "I'm going to miss you too bambina so much" Carina said standing up and going around to Lily pulling her in for a hug.

Maya was trying her hardest to not cry at the sight in front of her, she had never felt so loved in her life before Carina came along. She was also sure that Carina loved her daughter as much as she loved her and the fact that Lily felt the same way made her heart melt.

"Ready to go home" Maya asked the two that were still hugging across from her "Yes" Lily said Carina just nodding her head unsure if she could speak without her voice breaking. "Okay all buckled up" Maya said as she strapped her daughter into the car seat "Thankyou" Lily said "Carina" Lily asked as Maya walked around to get into the drivers seat "Yes bambina" Carina said "Can you wear a t shirt the day before you go and leave it here" Lily asked "Why" Carina asked slightly confused "So I can sleep with it and it will smell like you" the young blonde said "I can" Carina confirmed smiling widely when Maya opened the door.

"Why are you smiling like that" Maya asked as she put her seat belt on and started the car "Because your daughter is adorable" Carina said "I know but what did she say" Maya said starting to drive back home "She wants me to wear a t shirt and then leave it for her so it smells like me and she can sleep with it" Carina said reaching over and grabbing Maya's hands and lacing their fingers together "You can do that for me to" Maya joked "Just don't wash my pillow case and then it will smell like me always in bed" Carina said.

"She's asleep" Maya said looking at her daughter in the rear view mirror "Big day" Carina said "Do you know what I am going to miss" Maya said "My cooking" Carina asked "Well yes but that wasn't what I was going to say" Maya said laughing "Your lips and your tongue and most importantly your fingers" The blonde said smirking at her girlfriend then looking back to the road "Wow" the Italian said chuckling "What" Maya said.

"You could of said something romantic like your laugh or your hugs but no you go with my lips, fingers and tongue" Carina joked "Well that is an important one, What am I supposed to do for three months" Maya asked "You use your own fingers" Carina said "Mhm not as good" Maya said "You have a vibrator" Carina said "True maybe I'll just hold out until I see you so I have amazing orgasms at least once a month" the blonde said "Ha I'd like to see you try" Carina shot back "You're probably right" Maya said "Of course I'm right" Carina said laughing. "I know I definitely can't" The Italian said "God I am going to miss you so much" the blonde said bringing their hands up to her lips and pressing a kiss to the back of Carina's hand.


"Bambina we are home" Carina said softly shaking Lily to wake her up "Mhm" Lily mumbled opening her eyes and then yawning "You still tired" Carina asked "Yes" Lily said nodding her head "Okay come inside" The brunette said unbuckling Lily from her car seat and carrying her inside.

"She's so tired can she just go to bed" Carina asked "She should shower first she is all yuck from the beach" Maya said "But she's tired" the Italian said "she will be okay" the blonde replied walking over to Carina and grabbing her daughter. "Baby do you want to have a shower and then you can go to bed" Maya asked "No just bed" Lily said burying her head in the crook of Maya's neck "Quick shower" The blonde said walking with Lily into the bathroom.

"Andrea" Carina said answering her phone "Papa is going to your house to look for you" Andrew said "I'm not there" Carina said "I know that so you need to call him and tell him before he goes and disrupts someone else" Andrew said "Okay I will" Carina said.

"Papa" Carina said once her dad answered the phone "Carina I am on my way to your house" Vincenzo said "No I'm not at home" Carina said "Where are you then" the older Italian man asked "at a friends house, I am still meeting you for dinner so just go back to Andrea's house and meet me for dinner okay" Carina said.

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