Chapter 21

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Sunday 1st March 2020

"You okay" Carina asked her girlfriend as they watched Lily walk out the front of the station "Yeah all good, let's go finish packing" Maya said "Who are you driving out there with" Carina asked "I'm going to take the patrol car, it is filled with more supplies" the firefighter said "Okay drive safe I love you" Carina said "Come with me"Maya asked "Don't I have to go with Warren" the doctor asked "Once we get there yes but it's a 2 hour drive so you can come with me" The blonde said.

"Nineteen let's go we are being called in" Chief Bishop yelled through the station just as the klaxon went off calling everyone to the wildfire "Deluca where you going" Ben asked as the brunette ran the opposite way of the PRT "I'm riding with Maya until we get there" Carina replied "Okay see you there" Ben said.

"You ready for this" Carina asked "Yeah" Maya said as they lead nineteen towards the fire "Your anxious" Carina stated resting her hand on the blonde's thigh "Yeah it's a big fire I haven't been to a fire like this since I was a lieutenant" The blonde admitted "Okay you are going to be fine, we are all going to be fine" The doctor said.

"No heroics" Maya said as they pulled up to the head quarters of the fire "What" Carina asked "If you can't get in and out of somewhere safely I don't want you going in do you understand" Maya asked parking the car and looking at her girlfriend "I won't" Carina said "Promise" Maya said "I promise" the brunette said "I don't know if I will see you much the next few days so be safe and talk to me when you can okay" Maya said "I will" Carina replied leaning in and giving her girlfriend a kiss "I love you" Maya said "I love you".

"Ripley" Maya said walking up to the Chief "Bishop, Nineteen" He said nodding his head "Nineteen you are going to head down to this area and finish on evacuation of all the residents, there shouldn't be many left. I then want you to try and preserve it as much as you can" Ripley said "23 is down there now but they have been at it a few hours send them all back up there please" He added. "You got it" Bishop said "Bishop go with them please" Ripley said "No problem sir" The blonde said walking over to nineteen and giving them the update.

"Okay we are going down the hill and to this little area of houses, you are to comb through every single house and make sure everyone is out. Once everyone is gone we are going to try to preserve as much as we can before leaving when we get called out" Maya said "Let's move I want every vehicle we have down there follow me" The blonde added.

"Okay let's do this quick nineteen that fire is coming in our direction" Maya said as she jumped out of the car "Sullivan and Miller go to that house make sure everyone is out, Emmett and Montgomery that one, Hughes and Gibson go to that one, Warren and Delcua over there and Herrera and I will take this one.....stay on the radio and no heroics nineteen we don't have long" Maya said before the team went off in there seperate ways.

"Delcua to Bishop" Carina said over the radio "Go ahead"Maya said "Uhh we have a bit of a situation" Carina said "What is it" Maya asked "This house is a meth lab, we also have 2 males that need to be evacuated" The brunette said. "Bishop to Sullivan" Maya said "Yes Chief" Robert answered "You and Miller go and meet Delcua and Warren get the 2 men" Maya said "On it" Robert said.

"Okay they are out" Sullivan said over the radio "Where is Maria" The guy on the floor said "Who's Maria" Sullivan asked "My girlfriend she was up stairs asleep" The guys said. "Sullivan to Delcua, there is another person in that house a female names Maria she was upstairs asleep" Robert said "Okay looking now" Carina said.

"No one in any of these other houses Chief" Hughes said as the rest of nineteen made there way towards Sullivan and Miller "We are heading towards you guys now only the three people to evacuate" Maya replied. "Where is Deluca and Warren" Maya asked as she ran over to nineteen "They should be out any second" Miller replied.

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