Chapter 20

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Saturday 29th February 2020

"Nineteen" Chief Bishop yelled as the three of them entered the barn "I Just got word from Ripley he wants us leaving the station at 8am tomorrow to head to this wild fire" The blonde said "It is going to be a long one so I want everything packed and ready to go nineteen is no longer accepting calls for tonight so we have time" the Chief added. "Gibson and Hughes I want you two stocking the engine" Andy said "Miller and Sullivan" Stock the ladder "Emmett and Montgomery Aid car, Delcua and Warren PRT both the Aid car and the PRT need to be stocked to the max we will have a lot of injuries so you need to be prepared" The captain finished off.

"Maya I need you to come with me to the storage for the drugs cause I need to take out more then is allowed" Carina said "Yeah okay one second I'll just get Lily sorted in my office and then I'll come" The blonde said. "That is Bishop's kid" Ben asked as the brunette jumped into the PRT "it is" Carina confirmed "She's cute" Ben said "The cutest" I replied smiling at the thought of that gorgeous little girl.

"Deluca ready" Maya asked "Si let's go" Carina replied jumping out of the PRT and walking with her girlfriend to the storage cupboard "How much do you think you are going to need" Maya asked "I don't know, how many injuries are there usually" Carina asked "A lot and you and Warren are the only ones with these sort of drugs so take as much as you think you will need" Maya said looking down at her phone to keep and eye on her alerts.

"Carina" Lily said walking up to the brunette who was in the beanery "Yes bambina" Carina said "Up" Lily asked putting her hands up for the Italian to pick her up "Are you hungry" Carina asked "Yes" The young girl replied "Okay I don't know how much food we have here, sit here and don't move okay I will look" Carina said placing the girl on the bench. "I made this Lasagna the other night do you want some" Carina asked "Yes please" Lily said "Okay go sit at the table I will heat it up" Carina said lifting the girl off the bench and onto the floor.

"Hi bambina, i have Lily in the beanery she is hungry so I am giving her some lasagna" Carina texted her girlfriend "Okay baby" Maya replied "I heated you up and piece come and eat" The brunette said "not hungry" Maya replied "Maya you need to eat because I already know you aren't going to eat when we are at the fire so come here please" The Italian texted before putting her phone of the bench and grabbing Lily's dinner.

"Hi" Maya said walking into the beanery to see her daughter and girlfriend eating at the table together "Hi come and eat" Carina said pointing to the seat next to her "The PRT is stocked" Maya asked "Yeah all done just have to get my spare uniforms and I'm ready" Carina said "Much more for you to do" the doctor asked "No just have to double check all the vehicles and then get my uniforms as well" Maya replied "Are you going to sleep" Carina asked "Yeah once I'm finished you should as well" Maya said "I will definitely sleep" Carina said chuckling "Yeah nothing worse then a tired Carina" Maya said laughing "A hungry Carina is worse" the brunette said "yeah actually I agree with that one" The blonde said.

"Mommy" Lily said "Yes baby" Maya said looking at her daughter "Am I going to stay with grandma" The young girl asked "You are, she is going to take you to the zoo" Maya said excitedly "I want to stay with you and Carina" Lily whined "I know baby but we have to go and help and then we will come home and cuddle with you" Maya said. "Cuddles before you go" Lily asked "Of course" Maya said smiling "Carina" Lily said looking at the brunette "Yes bambina" Carina said "You are going to cuddle with us tonight like we did when I was sick" Lily asked "If that's what you want" the brunette said "Yes I want that" Lily said "then it's sorted, you will finish your dinner have a shower brush your teeth and we will have cuddles" Carina said.

"Aww don't you girls look adorable" Andy said walking into the beanery "Why thank you" Maya said "Auntie Andy" Lily said jumping off her chair and running into Andy's arms. "You okay" Carina asked putting her hand on the blondes thigh that was bouncing "Yeah just anxious about leaving Lily" Maya said "She is going to be fine with your mama and you will be back before you know it" Carina said "I know I know but I am still anxious" Maya said "Why don't you go and have a shower and relax" Carina suggested "I'll just shower when we take Lily" Maya said "Okay Bella" Carina said leaning over and pressing a soft sweet kiss to her girlfriends lips.

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