Chapter 28

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Sunday 26th April 2020

"Morning bambina" Carina whispered cuddling closer to her girlfriend "Morning" Maya sleepily replied "I have to go into the hospital to grab my stuff do you and Lily want to come and then we can go for breakfast before I pack up the house" The Italian asked "yeah sounds good" Maya said moving to give Carina a kiss "No" Carina said putting her finger on the blondes lips "Why" Maya asked "Morning breath" Carina chuckled "You're ridiculous" Maya said laughing quietly slipping out of the bed.

"Where are you going" Carina asked "To do my teeth so I can kiss you" Maya said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Maya went into the bathroom connected to Carina's bedroom grabbing her toothbrush then brushing her teeth before walking back into the bedroom and sliding back under the covers. "Baciami" Carina whispered snaking her hand around the back of Maya's neck "Uh no" Maya said putting her finger on the brunette's lip like she did to her earlier.

"Oh shut up" Carina said rolling her eyes and closing the gap between the two of them "I love you" Maya whispered "I love you" Carina said back moving to deepen the kiss only to have Lily start to stir next to them "Morning" Lily said sleepily rolling over to face her mom and Carina "Morning baby" Maya said "Morning bambina" Carina said smiling at the young girl with messy bed hair.

"Your bed hair is almost as bad as your mom's" Carina said laughing running her hand through the young blondes hair "We are going to go to the hospital to grab Carina's things and then go for breakfast baby" Maya said to her daughter that was cuddling into the brunette "Okay mommy" Lily said nodding her head.


"So we will go to my office and you too can just wait there whilst I run up the the research room" Carina said as they walked towards her office "Okay baby" Maya said. "Carina" A women's voice came from behind the three of them Carina turning around "Gabriella" Carina said "so I heard you are leaving to go back to Seattle" Dr Aurora said "Si I can't be away from these two any longer" Carina said.

"Oh" Gabriella said looking at Maya and Lily "Gabriella this is Maya and Lily" Carina said gesturing to her girlfriend and girlfriends daughter "Maya, Lily this is Gabriella" Carina said gesturing to the Italian standing across from them.

"So nice to meet you Maya, I've heard so much about you" Dr Aurora said smiling "You too" Maya said reaching out and grabbing Carina's hand lacing there fingers together ..... there is no need for her to be jealous. "Well I am being paged I will let you go don't loose my phone number next time you are in LA we will catch up" the Italian doctor said before wrapping her arms around Carina and then running off and leaving the three of them to continue the walk to Carina's office.

As soon as Gabriella left Maya dropped her hand from Carina's "Which way to your office" the blonde asked a fake smile plastered on her face "Maya" Carina said "No don't say anything please just come on" The blonde said.

"Bambina do you want to just play in this little kids room here" Carina asked opening a door in one of the waiting rooms "Okay" Lily said running over to all the toys "Mommy and I will be right back okay stay here" Carina said shutting the door and walking back towards Maya who was just standing staring at a wall.

"What is it" Carina asked "Nothing I'm good" Maya said "No you aren't good you look like you are going to punch someone what is wrong" The brunette asked "Why did she hug you" Maya asked "Gabriella" Carina questioned confused "Yes" Maya said nodding her head. "She is my friend Maya we connected and she was just saying goodbye" Carina said "So you keep saying she is your friend but I don't think she is" Maya said.

"What are you saying" Carina asked "I'm saying she wasn't just your friend" Maya said "she was also a co worker" the brunette said "She loves you" Maya said "What" Carina asked "The look on her face when she asked if you were moving back to Seattle that was the same look I had on my face when you told me you were coming to LA" Maya said "she looked disappointed when the hug ended" the blonde said "Maya why are you trying to start something" Carina asked "I just want to know the truth" Maya said raising her voice earning a few looks from people standing around them.

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