Chapter 29

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Monday 4th May 2020

"Hi how was work" Maya asked as the brunette walked into there apartment "It was good thank you and for you" Carina asked "Pretty boring day actually did paperwork all day long" Maya said flopping down on the couch.

"Where is Lily" Carina asked from the oddly quite house "Sleeping at my mom's" Maya said "Oh you didn't tell me that" Carina said "It was last minute" the blonde said. "Are you okay" Maya asked as Carina looked at her phone sighing loudly "Yeah sorry" Carina said chucking her phone on the coffee table "What's going on" the blonde asked "My Papa is back in Seattle" Carina said rolling her eyes.

"Oh" Maya said "Mhm" Carina mumbled "Does he know you are back" Maya asked "Andrea told him" the brunette confirmed "He wants to have dinner with us" Carina said looking at her phone light up "Tonight" Maya questioned "Si" the Italian confirmed. "Should we get ready then" The blonde asked "No we aren't going" Carina said shaking her head "Why not" Maya asked.

"Why not" Carina said "hmm" Maya hummed in response "Last time I saw my father he was going on and on about what a disgrace I am to the Deluca name do I really need to go through all that again" the brunette asked "I guess not but maybe you should just go and show him how well you are doing rub it in his face a little" Maya suggested "You'll be there the whole time" Carina asked "If you want me to be" Maya said "Yes please" Carina said.

"Mhm and if it goes bad I will just fake an emergency" Maya said "Yes please" Carina said "And if it goes well we will have hot hot mind blowing loud sex" Maya offered "I think that the mind blowing sex should be offered no matter what happens" Carina said "You have a deal" Maya chuckled.


"You sure you want to do this" Carina asked as Maya drove them to dinner "Yes are you okay with it" Maya said "Yes yes it's going to be fine and if not you are going to pull out all the stops to get us out of there okay" Carina said "As promised" Maya said nodding her head.

"Okay before we go in, my dad he can be very nasty and he will say things about you when you are right there in his face so please don't take them serious and most definitely don't let them effect us okay" Carina said "Baby nothing is coming in between us okay" Maya said "Stop panicking it is going to be fine and I know what it is like to have a very difficult father okay" the blonde said. "Don't bring up Lily" Carina said "You still don't want him to know you re raising a child" Maya asked a little shocked "It's not that... I don't want his input and I don't want him trying to come into her perfect life and try to ruin it" Carina said "Okay no children talk" Maya confirmed.

"They aren't here yet but we will just take a seat and get a glass of wine whilst we wait" Carina announced as they entered the restaurant "Maybe a bottle actually" the Italian added chuckling nervously "You need to calm down" Maya said moving her hand to her girlfriends back and resting it there.

"Carina ciao" Vincenzo said approaching the two women who were sitting at the table "Papa" Carina said standing up and hugging her father "Dad this is Maya, Maya this is my father Vincenzo" Carina said gesturing between the two "Oh we have already met remember Carina when she kicked me out of the station" Vincenzo said laughing "Oh yeah that's right" Carina said fake laughing.

"I apologise for that Mr Delcua" Maya said "please call me Vincenzo" the older Italian man said "Okay Vincenzo I apologise for that it was a very difficult week at work and at home" Maya said "That's quite alright Maya all in the past" Vincenzo said waving a waiter over. "Do you want to wait for Andrea" Carina asked "he isn't coming" the older Italian said "Oh how come" Carina asked "I asked him not to I wanted to have dinner with my daughter and her um..." Vincenzo said trailing off "Girlfriend sir" Maya said filling in the blanks for him.

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