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norway | mark sloan by friessssssssss
norway | mark sloanby ☃︎⌈𝐜 𝐥 𝐚 𝐫 𝐤⌋☃︎
⇥ "Can you stop with the compliments?" "Never." ⇥ "He looks like a bad boy-- I don't like him." "...Have you looked in the mirror? Or...
Hadley's Home by me_you_and_the_world
Hadley's Homeby me_you_and_the_world
A little girl name Hadley comes to Grey Sloan. The team of doctors working here don't realize she is about to change all of their lives, but especially the lives of two...
~Little Sloan~ by TikTokstoriezx
~Little Sloan~by Karli Rarden
*Spoilers* Mark and Lexie have a 2-year-old daughter Charlotte. Takes place in Season 6.
Mason's Medical by _TheBestFanFictions_
Mason's Medicalby _TheBestFanFictions_
Join doctor Grace Mason at Seattle Grace as she meets old friends and new ones, deals with the interns and tries to keep her own interns from killing anyone. Originally...
Isn't she lovely by _Ktje_
Isn't she lovelyby EllieBelle
Meredith, Derek and their 2 kids decide to stay in Seattle. Meredith and Derek want to try for another baby.
If you were here by ilovegreysanatomy129
If you were hereby MerderDempeoStan
Meredith is attacked by a patient, but this time Derek is alive and well...he's just in DC wrapping up some things. Everyone is alive in this fanfic
my daughter. alex karev. by chalabitches
my daughter. alex ri 🤨
In which Alex Karev had a daughter during med school with a partner no longer in his life. Upon moving to Seattle and starting his intern year at Seattle Grace he kept h...
The New Member of the family  by Carinaxspampinato
The New Member of the family by Carinaxspampinato
Chief Ripley gives nineteen another chance with the PRT, Carina and Warren work closely together to save the lives of everyone possible, but with fresh starts comes new...
Tears |Jackson Avery by Theareid01
Tears |Jackson Averyby 🥀Thea🥀
Scarlett Black/Remington is a British doctor who comes to Seattle Grace-Mercy West on the same day as the Mercy-Westers for a new beginning after being the lone survivor...
Grey's Anatomy by JustTry23
Grey's Anatomyby trying
Adira was working undercover but when a drug deal goes bad and she ends up at Seattle Grace - Mercy West and finds Derek, the man who took care of her while she grew up...
The other grey by greysanatomygeeks
The other greyby greyswriter
the eldest of the grey kids, elizabeth grey comes back to seattle after 8 years of being in california working as a neurosurgeon. after taking care of her mother with al...
Pins & Needles| Grey's Anatomy by beigefleurs
Pins & Needles| Grey's Anatomyby :3
When a missing seven year old is found unconscious on the streets, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital desperately try to help the seven year old who's been miss...
Our Boy: A Marina Story by shay_kam
Our Boy: A Marina Storyby shay_kam
Maya and Carina has always wanted to be parents. Even before they got engaged and married, it was something they always talked about. Kids. As all parents do, they expec...
Ten Blade by leosnor
Ten Bladeby 。・゚゚・ ✧ ・゚゚・。
Grey's anatomy. In which Helena Campos, a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, tries to navigate a whole new world of medicine, friendship and and a fair amount of...
Grey's anatomy preferences + one shots  by blondejovi
Grey's anatomy preferences + one yellow lovely ☼
Grey's anatomy set your standards too high too? 🌧 + Derek + Alex + Owen + Jackson + Mark + George + Andrew grey's : seasons i- requests open! ...
Is Forever Enough? by Merderlover23
Is Forever Enough?by Maddy Vogele
This is an angsty MerDer AU. This takes place 5/6 years after season 3. Burke and Cristina are married and Addison can have kids. This is not my story it is copied fro...
Learning to cope by cpickover06
Learning to copeby Merder forever
Meredith is learning to cope with Derek's tragic death but it was still yet to sink in. Meredith left out of the blue and everyone is worried about her, but happens when...
Natural Disaster [MARK SLOAN] by bunnytailrabbit
Natural Disaster [MARK SLOAN]by greyyyyyyssssssss
"Can you stop staring he will figure it out" "I can't help it, you look like a goddess" "You're ridiculous" "Love you too" . ...
Little Shepherd by _MadeeP_
Little Shepherdby Madee
When surgeon Derek Shepherd finds his wife in bed with his bestfriend he takes his four year old daughter Josie and flees to Seattle in search of a fresh start. He never...
ꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ | ᴍᴇʀᴇᴅɪᴛʜ x ᴅᴇʀᴇᴋ by rcindrcps
ꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ | ᴍᴇʀᴇᴅɪᴛʜ x ᴅᴇʀᴇᴋby rcindrcps
what if meredith found out that she really was pregnant, what would of happened then? - would meredith have stayed with derek or raised her child with finn? - i do not o...