Chapter 45

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Monday 27th July 2020

"Come on, come on" Maya groaned as she tried to call her fiancé for the fourth time "She isn't answering" the blonde said turning to her bestfriend "Can you just take me to the hospital and page her when I get there please" Andy asked clutching her stomach "Baby still moving" Maya asked as the two women walked to the car "Yes but something isn't right Maya what if I loose this baby" Andy said groaning in pain as the blonde opened the door for her "It's going to be fine Andy we will be at the hospital in 2 minutes" Maya said as she started the short drive to grey sloan memorial.

"Maya" Meredith as as she walked into the hospital a pregnant Andy clutching to her side "Meredith can you page Carina for me please" Maya asked "she is in a meeting" Meredith said "What's going on" Dr Grey asked "Andy is having pain" Maya said "Schmitt page whoever is on call for OB please" Meredith said helping Andy into a bed. "Jo is in surgery" Levi said "Go to Carina's office and tell her that Andy is here and we need her in the ER now" Meredith said the intern nodding his head before running off to find Carina.

"How many weeks are you" Meredith asked pulling out the ultrasound and squeezing the gel on the brunette's abdomen "35 weeks on Wednesday" Andy replied "Okay try to relax I will see what is going on okay" Meredith said. "Maya you need to call Robert please" Andy said "I know we are having a break but if this baby is born today he deserves to be here it is his child as well" Andy said "I already messaged him, he is on his way okay" Maya said "Just breathe" the blonde added moving to the brunette's side and stroking her hair.

"Dr Grey what's going on" Carina said approaching the three women "32 year old female 34+5 weeks pregnant severe pain through her abdomen baby is moving but foetal heart beat is low and you should take a look at this" Meredith said handing the Italian the ultrasound wand "Okay it's fine" Carina said looking at Andy with a smile "Give me one second okay" the brunette added before walking towards Levi.

"I need you to get me an OR and page Dr Karev when you book it please tell him to get ready for a preemie" Carina said to the intern "What's wrong with her" Levi asked "Placental abruption" Carina shortly answered "For now it isn't an emergency until she starts bleeding and I would really like to get her into the OR before that happens so book it now" Carina said "Carina she's bleeding" Maya shouted across the emergency room "Go and get me an OR now be scrubbed in when I get there" Carina said running over towards Andy.

"Carina is my baby going to die" Andy asked panicked "I am going to do everything I can for that not to happen Andy but you have Placental abruption and I need to get you to an OR now and deliver your baby okay" Carina said a team coming to the bed to start wheeling her to the OR. "Where's Robert" Carina asked looking at Maya "He got called into a 4 alarm" Maya shot back "You are coming then I need you there to keep her calm and relaxed okay because she is going to be freaking out" Carina said dragging her fiancée into the lift quickly followed by Andy and the surgical team.

"Andy when we get up there you are going to get an epidural whilst I scrub in and Maya will get into so scrubs okay, I will perform the c section and then ensure there was no further injures and Dr Karev will take care of your baby okay" the Italian said "Okay" Andy said nodding "Perfect let's move" Carina said as soon as the doors opened everyone running towards OR one. "Here Maya put these on" Carina said as Levi handed the blonde a pair of scrubs "Quick scrub in Schmitt we don't have much time to loose" the Italian said.

"You ready Andy" Carina asked as she walked into the operating room and slid on her gown and gloves "Ready" the firefighter confirmed "Okay can you feel this" Carina asked softly pushing an empty needle gently into the skin "Feel what" Andy asked "We are ready to proceed... 10 blade" Carina said quickly handed a scalpel. "Two minutes and you are going to be a mother" Carina said "Okay Maya do you want to come and cut the cord you need to be fast" Carina said "Okay" Maya said standing up just as Carina pulled the baby out of Andy.

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