Chapter 22

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Thursday 5th March 2020

"Good Morning" Maya said as her daughter started to wake up next to her "Morning" Lily said sleepily rubbing her eyes "You okay" Maya asked "Yes" Lily said "Did you have a nightmare is that why you came into our bed" the oldest bishop asked earning a head nod from her daughter.

"You know you can wake me up if you have a nightmare" Maya said "I woke Carina" Lily said "I know you did" Maya said "I just wanted to be cuddled and Carina cuddled me back to sleep she makes me feel safe" Lily said "I'm glad" Maya said smiling widely that her daughter likes her girlfriend.

"I think I smell French toast" Maya said "Me too" Lily replied "Let's go and see" Maya said climbing out of bed and picking her daughter up. "Buongiorno" Lily said as the mother daughter duo walked into the kitchen "Buongiorno bambina" Carina said as Lily ran towards her and wrapped her arms around her body "Missed me that much huh" Carina said trying not to wince in pain at the arms wrapped around her leg bruise. "Maya" Carina said looking at the blonde "Baby do you want to play with your toys whilst we finish breakfast" Maya asked getting her daughter to unwrap from her girlfriend.

"Sorry" Maya said as she walked towards Carina "It's okay I just didn't want to scream and scare her" Carina said "Do you think you should go and get it checked out" Maya asked "No Warren already checked it out at the wildfire it is going to take a few days for the bruise not to hurt though" Carina stated. "It's almost ready can you set the table" Carina asked "Of course" Maya said.

"Come and eat Lily" Carina said to the young girl that was playing with her toys "Pack your toys up first" Maya said "She can eat first no" Carina asked "She won't clean up her toys after she eats" Maya said "But her food will get cold" the brunette said "It will take her 1 minute" Maya said "Okay" Carina said going and sitting down at the table.

"All done mommy" Lily said walking back into the dining room and climbing on the chair "Thank you baby" Maya said smiling at her daughter "What do you want to do today" Carina asked both blondes "Can we go ice skating" Lily asked "Ice skating" Maya asked "Si ice skating" Lily confirmed "I guess that's okay, Carina is that fine" the blonde asked her girlfriend "Yeah" Carina said never looking away from her food "What's up" Maya asked reaching over and grabbing the brunette's hand "Nothing I'm okay" Carina said smiling at Maya and then looking back at her breakfast.


"Do you want to drive" Maya asked as they all walked towards the front door "If you want me to" Carina said "Yes please" the blonde said "Okay let me go and grab my keys" Carina said walking back towards the bowl of keys "Ready" Maya asked "Si ready" Carina confirmed Maya opening the door and letting the two of them walk out the door locking it behind her.

"Are you sure you're okay" Maya whispered as they were driving to the ice skating rink "Yeah but we do need to talk" Carina said "About" Maya asked worried "Not now later tonight" Carina said "Oh okay" Maya said her leg starting to bounce "It's nothing bad bambina don't stress about it" Carina said resting her hand on the blonde's thigh.

"Are we almost there" Lily asked from the back seat of the Porsche "5 minutes away bambina" Carina replied "Okay" Lily said looking back out the window "Are you sure it's nothing bad" Maya asked "It's bad but not that bad" Carina said "We will talk about it when we are alone, let's just enjoy our day okay" Carina said grabbing Maya's hand and lacing their fingers together.


"What size shoe does she wear" Carina asked "A kids 5" Maya said "And you are a 7" Carina double checked "Yes" Maya said "Okay go find somewhere to sit I'll go pay and grab the shoes" Carina said "Here I have cash" Maya said pulling out her wallet "My treat" Carina said.

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