Chapter 27

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Saturday 25th April 2020

"Deluca I thought you were in LA" Bailey said as the Italian entered the hospital "I was well I am" Carina said "I need to talk to you if you have a spare minute" Carina said "Of course" Bailey said "Come to my office" Bailey said leading the Italian through the hospital and to her office.

"You okay" Bailey asked "Yeah I just have a bit of a favour to ask" Carina said "Okay" Miranda said "As you know I am doing a study in LA for the female brain it is fully funded but me living in LA 18 hours away from my family it isn't working for us" Carina said "So will you let me continue my study right here in Seattle at Grey Sloan" the Italian asked.

"I can't afford something like this Carina" Bailey said "no you don't have to it will still be fully funded all I need is to use one of your MRI machine like twice a week" Carina said "I don't know if I can" Bailey said "Miranda please, Ben moved to LA to do his internship and how hard was it for you, me being this far away from Maya and her daughter it is going to break us apart I have been gone three weeks and we are already struggling please please can you help me" Carina pleaded.


"What" Maya mumbled as she woke up and rolled over to see an empty bed next to her "Where is she" the blonde said looking at her phone with no messages from the brunette. "Hey where are you" Maya asked as the brunette answered her phone "I just went to get us some coffee and breakfast I'll be home in 5 minutes" Carina said.

"Honey I'm home" Carina said walking in through the front door "Mhm morning baby" Maya said walking towards the brunette and planting a kiss on her lips before grabbing the bag and coffees form her so she could take off her coat "What time did you wake up" Maya asked "Uh like 7am" Carina said "I was going to wake you but you looked really peaceful and I'm sure you had the best sleep last night you have had since I left" the brunette said.

"What do you want to do today" Maya asked "I have to fly back to LA" Carina said "What I thought you were here until Monday" Maya said "Sit down let me explain" the brunette said Maya's face reading irritation. "I need you to come with me to LA" Carina said "Why" Maya asked "I need to get all my stuff" The Italian said "Why" the blonde asked "I'm moving back home" The brunette said.

"What are you talking about" Maya asked confused "I went and saw Bailey this morning and I asked her if I could move to Grey Sloan and continue my study" Carina said "At first she didn't want to let me but I talked to my Chief at LA and he said I could still do it fully funded in Seattle if I needed to" Carina said "I told her that me being in LA was effecting my family and I needed to fix that so she eventually agreed and well I booked the three of us a flight to LA this afternoon" Carina said.

"You are moving home" Maya asked "I am moving home" Carina confirmed "are you sure" Maya said "I'm sure Maya I can't be away from you two anymore" Carina said "Oh my god" Maya said getting up and moving towards Carina wrapping her arms around the Italian and picking her up "I love you, I love you, I love you" Maya said squeezing her girlfriend tighter.

"You know if you are doing this only for me I don't want you to" Maya said "What" Carina asked "I don't want you to regret moving back here if you don't really want to" the blonde said "I really want to" Carina said laughing "Do I ever tell you how much I love you" Maya said sighing dreamily at her girlfriend "Everyday" Carina said.


"Alright we have to go to the airport" Carina said "Do you want to drive you car and just valet park it" Maya asked "Yeah we can" Carina said "Why are we going to LA" Lily asked confused "Can I tell her" Carina asked earning a head nod from Maya.

"I am moving back here bambina" Carina said to Lily "Really" Lily asked "Really" Carina confirmed "I can't be away from you anymore" Carina said "thank god" Lily said jumping into Carina's arms "I love you" Lily mumbled "I love you too Bella but we have to go before we miss our flight" Carina said.

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