Chapter 1

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Wednesday 17th July 2019
"Warren my office now" Captain bishop yelled as she jumped out of the truck "Coming Captain" Warren replied getting out of the aid car and following the blonde to her office.

"How can I help you Captain" he said "close the door" she replied "okay" he said in a questioning tone before shutting the door and walking more into the office. "Just heard from the new Chief, he wants to give us the PRT back and give us another shot" the captain said "oh really" Ben questioned "yeah we are getting it back tomorrow morning there will obviously be some strict rules that need to be followed" the blonde said "okay and hiring another person" he asked "I have 4 interviews tomorrow to find a partner for you" she said "wow okay Thankyou Captain" he said "I will make an announcement to the rest of the team shortly dismissed" the captain said pointing to her door.

"Warren, what was that about" Andy asked as he made his way into the beanery "Captain Bishop will be up here shortly to let everyone know" he replied pouring a cup of coffee and going to sit at the table, just as he sat down the blonde walked through the doors to the beanery "Captain what is going on" Andy asked "The new Chief is giving us the PRT back" the blonde said "Warren will be going back to his role in the PRT and I will be hiring him a partner tomorrow" she added "oh wow that is amazing" Travis said "There will be a lot of new rules in place obviously regarding everything that happened last time" the blonde said glancing at Robert before looking back to the rest of the team "but we will go through all that when I hire someone new, that is all get back to your chores" the captain said before walking back to her office.

"Come in" Bishop said as someone knocked on her door "Herrera, what can I do for you" she said to her lieutenant "are we really getting the PRT back" Andy said "we are and don't worry there are very strict rules regarding the drugs and equipment when we do get it back" Maya replied "Maya what about Robert you can't let him go near it" the brunette said "Sullivan is not allowed to be in or near the PRT strict rules from Ripley" the blonde said "Also when Warren and his partner are counting the drugs it is to be over watched by myself or Ripley" Maya added "ok good that is all then captain" Andy said walking out of Maya's office.

Thursday 18th July 2019

"What time do your interviews start" Andy asked Maya as they stood in the Beanery making coffee "first one is at 9am" the blonde replied "any calls today you are acting captain whilst I get though these interviews" Maya added "no problem good luck I know how much you hate interviews" Andy said laughing "mhm don't remind me" the captain said walking back to her office.

"Owen Hunt, pleasure to meet you" the male said shaking the captain's hand before walking into her office "take a seat" Maya said pointing to the chair opposite hers "Tell me bit about your history" Maya said "I did my residency here at Seattle at mercy west before I went and became a trauma Surgeon is Iraq for 6 years I was released on honourable discharge last year" Owen said "why choose a job like this rather then a hospital" Maya asked "I actually was offered Chief of trauma at Grey Sloan memorial but when this role came up I thought why not I really prefer being out in the field I'm the best at what I do" he said smirking "you won't find anyone with better qualities then me that's for sure" he added "okay well you will hear back from me hopefully by the end of the week" the captain said walking around the desk to open the door "great to meet you captain" he said as he walked out of the office and left the station.

"April Kepner" Maya said as she invited the red hair girl into her office "GOOD MORNING CAPTAIN" she yelled a little to loud and energetic for Maya to deal with "okay no need to shout I am sitting right across from you" the blonde said through a tight lipped smile "tell me about yourself" the captain said "I am April Kepner, 28 years of age grew up in Ohio with a lot of pigs, I am super catholic" she started rambling "Dr Kepner please stop I mean things about your medical past and things like that" Maya said rolling her eyes mentally crossing this girl off her list. April's interview was cut quite short Maya knew what she wanted in her team and April was not what she was looking for.

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