Chapter 14

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Friday 17th January 2020

"Maya" Carina called out as she watched the blonde walk up the stairs of the station "Carina everything okay" Maya asked pausing her movements "Si just wanted to check what I should bring tomorrow" Carina asked "you don't need to bring anything just yourself" Maya said with a smile "are you sure" Carina asked "actually can you bring a bottle of that wine the really good Italian one" Maya asked "Si of course see you tomorrow Maya" Carina said walking up the stairs "I lo.." Maya went to say but quickly stopped herself "Sorry" the blonde said before walking up the stairs and into her office.

"Captain Herrera" Carina said knocking on her door "Come in Deluca" Andy said "I need to talk to you as Maya's bestfriend not my captain" Carina said "Take a seat" Andy said pointing to the chair across from her desk.

"I assume you know everything that is happening between myself and Maya" Carina said earning a head nod from the firefighter "Do you think it is something she can get over" Carina asked "Having kids and not having kids isn't like just deciding if you want pizza or pasta for dinner Carina" Andy said "I know that but do you think she will get over it and come back to me" Carina asked again "In my opinion no I don't think so  and you really should talk to Maya" Andy said "So I should get over her then and what do I need to talk to her about" Carina asked "uhh I have to get this paperwork done" Andy said gesturing to the door for the doctor to leave.

Saturday 18th January 2020

"Coming" Carina yelled as someone knocked on her front door "Maya hi" She said as she opened the door to reveal the blonde "Hi ready to go" Maya asked "Si ready" Carina said pulling her shoes on. "You look gorgeous" Maya said as she opened the door for Carina to get in the front "Maya no" Carina said "Friends can compliment friends" Maya said "Friends don't open the  car door for each other okay treat me like you would treat Andy" Carina said with a chuckle "You're right I'm sorry" Maya said shutting the door and walking around to her side.

"Are you cold" Maya asked as they were sitting waiting for the movie to start "A little bit I probably should of worn a jacket as well" Carina said "Here" Maya said as she went to take off her jacket "would you give Andy your jacket" Carina asked "Probably not but you're different" Maya said "Just take my Jacket please" Maya said putting it over the brunette's shoulders.

"Wine" Carina asked "Please" Maya responded holding out her glass for Carina to fill it up, "I only have one blanket but I'm not cold so you can use it" Maya said grabbing the blanket from the bag along with 2 pillows "I already took your jacket you can keep the blanket" Carina said. "Come here" Maya said lifting the blanket up for Carina to get under after slight hesitation Carina laid down and let Maya wrap the blanket around her.

At some point during the movie Maya's arm made it's way over Carina's torso as she cuddled closer to the brunette, Carina didn't say anything about it just sort of relaxed into the blonde when she realised how much she missed contact with her ex. A bit later on Carina put her hand on top of Maya's and intertwined there fingers together pulling the blonde even closer to her, "Carina" Maya whispered into her ear "Sorry" Carina replied pulling her hand away and turning over to face Maya. "I just miss you" Carina said pushing a piece of hair behind the blonde's ear "I miss you too" Maya replied leaning forward and pressing a kiss to the brunette's forehead.

Monday 20th January 2020

"Definitely don't have sex" Andy said as the blonde paced her office "What we didn't have sex" Maya said "Yeah I'm telling you don't it gets messy and complicated" Andy said "I didn't even realise our last time was going to be our last time" Maya said "Maybe we can have break up sex" Maya pondered for a minute before she was hit in the head with a pen "No no , no break up sex no accidental sex don't do it" Andy said "What you have now is fine a friendship with a few sweet moments keep it at that" Andy said "Maybe your right" Maya said "I'm always right" Herrera said with a chuckle.

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